WTF of the Week: G-Dragon’s New Tattoo

4 Oct

This week’s edition of WTF of the Week features a familiar person. G-Dragon is back for a second time for his ridiculous choice of a tattoo. It’s true that I’m biased against tattoos in general. I simply think of how stupid old people with tattoos look and base my taste on that. I wouldn’t mind if someone had a tattoo that has words of wisdom so long as they aren’t enormous, but picture tattoos tend to look stupid and dated. Imagine having a tattoo of Rebecca Black this year and then in five years, no one knows who she was. Same with Chris Crocker.

G-Dragon’s tattoo falls on the stupid side of tattoos. Not only is it in an odd location, it also looks stupid.


You see, his tattoo is a “DRAGON BALL”. Yes…Dragon Ball.


I grew up watching Dragon Ball too but hey I would never put it on my skin. As classic as it is, it’s still pretty stupid to put an anime object on your body. Yeah, it’s probably more common in Asia but that doesn’t excuse the fact it looks pretty stupid. Sure, maybe when you see it, you’ll be nostalgic of your childhood, but again, why tattoo it on your skin. Just watch the damn show on DVD!

So G-Dragon, first you shaved your head and now this. Seriously dude, you’re making it hard to appreciate your awesomeness.



2 Responses to “WTF of the Week: G-Dragon’s New Tattoo”

  1. Alice October 5, 2011 at 5:06 am #

    What an odd place for a tattoo…

  2. Azure “Mochatastic” Dona January 5, 2015 at 4:10 pm #

    Whoever wrote this article is as awesome as they come.

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