“Korea’s Justin Bieber” Park Seong Min Releases Debut Album

5 Oct

Rookie singer, Park Seong Min who has been labeled as the Korean Justin Bieber, released his debut album Beautiful Girl and MV of the same name. The album consists of two singles, Beautiful Girl and Echo.

The Beautiful Girl MV is of your generic cutesy variety; it’s not that it’s horrible, but there’s nothing much that differentiates it from any other MV out there.

There haven’t really been than many male singers debuting recently so it is nice to have a change in things. I was a little wary when I heard that Seong Min is known for capturing the hearts of girls with his good looks but I actually really like his voice; it’s unique in the KPop scene in the sense it’s not your regular boy group voice. He kind of reminds me Yesung from Super Junior, Woohyun from Infinite, and also Daesung from Big Bang at the higher registers.

I like Echo more than I do Beautiful Girl since it showcases Seong Min’s vocal talent more.

Definitely check Park Seong Min out as he is sure to gain more recognition for his talents.



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