[Review] Junsu – “Alive”

6 Oct

Junsu, arguably the best damn singer from 2PM, is finally releasing his solo material. The first single from the singer is called “Alive” and boy, it’s a splash.

Junsu’s song starts out with an orchestra of brooding strings that seems to imply a dark mood. Then, his voice comes out in harmony with multiple versions of himself, prompting some comparison with “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Suddenly, the beat changes, and we get some bumping beat and to my shock, Junsu starts rapping!

He’s quite charismatic with his rap and even in his English isn’t bad. I love especially the reference to Chris Brown’s “Look at Me” towards the end of the rap. Towards the end of the verse, the chorus starts getting some R&B orchestra with a mix of the hiphop and the strings making such a strange but alluring sound.

The rest of the song displays Junsu’s rapping and his singing. I love his mantra “You know what you got to do, throw your hands in the air if you feel it too…” And one listen to this song, and its jarring but oddly compelling mixture of different styles and you’ll wonder if you’re alive.

What makes this song works for me is how oddly put together the pieces sound. Unlike Super Junior’s Mr. Simple, where there seems to be three different songs put together, the distinct sounds and styles Junsu works with comes together gracefully and not oddly tacked on to each other.

Overall, this is a pretty fantastic song. I appreciate it’s strangeness and I appreciate Junsu’s talent even more.


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