[Review] Boyfriend – “Don’t Touch My Girl”

7 Oct

And another rookie group is back! Boyfriend comes back with a new single album (oh how I wish they just make an entire mini or full-length album), following their debut single “Boyfriend.”

Continuing on with their “boyfriend” images, they released their song “Don’t Touch my Girl”.

I honestly find Boyfriend, the band, adorable. They have some talent that are displayed by their debut song, but more prominently in “You and I.” Their new song “Don’t Touch my Girl” is a much better song than “Boyfriend.” It’s a sunny track with bright synths, fresh vocals, and some electric guitar that adds maturity to the track that wasn’t present in their debut song. The vocals are still on par with their debut songs but it’s pretty much soulless. The only time I felt emotion was when they say “You’re my lady,” which I thought is the best feature of this song.

My only caveat about this song is how they still try to act cute. There’s still an element of aegyo in this song that seems forced and I think that’s where the soullessness of the vocals come from. Instead of singing and letting the listener fall in love with them, they force feed the audience love and why they ought to be loved. Also, I feel like it doesn’t distinguish Boyfriend from the other acts. They don’t have their own style yet. This song borrows too heavily from Infinite’s music and for a second I thought I was listening to Infinite. If they want to be bigger stars, they ought to stick to a style and explore it.

Regardless, this song continues to show Boyfriend’s talents and will maintain the image they’ve cultivated throughout the fall season.



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