College Diary #6: Drunk Roommates and Exams

9 Oct

This week has been a lighter week for me considering all the chaos that happened around. Everyone pretty much had a big exam or project due this week and next week because we’re getting to the midterm points. However, this whole week for me was my anticipation for the weekend simply because this Sunday, I will be attending the KBS Free KPop Concert in New Jersey!

Yay Temi ❤ for coming through with the tickets 🙂 I am forever grateful for that 🙂

Yet all it took was one Friday night to really shift the focus of this article from Midterm Exams and Pressures to…what happens when you’re roommate is puking all over.

Fridays at American University and perhaps for most colleges is all about the frat parties, the clubs, and the all-out excitement for the end of the week and break from school. Some people stay low and read or hang out in their rooms (which I did this Friday since I wasn’t feeling up to partying on Friday). Some people go all out and get drunk at frat parties, which is totally a hassle if you have no connections.

My Friday night started out pretty nicely; I had dinner with friends in Chinatown (which is not at all a good Chinatown…it’s pretty much American restaurants and stores written in Chinese characters with little to no authentic Chinese restaurants). The place we went to was very delicious and cheap. It was a very good meal that ended with a delicious serving of bubble tea. After a while, we were just strolling looking for any sort of Asian grocery stores for supplies I can’t find at the groceries near my school (there’s only 1 authentic one!)

I got back to the dormitories around 9:30 PM and I saw my roommates and friends waiting to get picked up by the frat cars. They were ready to have fun and we traded a few jokes before I went in to the building. Between 9:30 and the time they got back, I was just hanging out in my room, blasting K-Pop, and as a result, converting some people into the love for K-Pop. They have good tastes too because they absolutely love 2NE1, especially CL, and Big Bang.

My friends and I were just dancing and singing until at around 12:30, I saw two of my friends pass by the lounge, arm-in-arm, on the way to the bathroom. I was shocked because they don’t usually get back until 2-3 in the morning. When I went to my room, I saw one of my friends aiding one of my roommates, who was all in smiles but stumbling nonetheless. And so my night begins:

First of all, every sane person knows that drunk people are not the best judges of their own well-being. My roommate kept saying he doesn’t feel like puking and I simply placed a trashcan with a plastic bag next to his bed and voila! Insta-puke.

He pretty much cleared his whole stomach out because he went on puking for a whole hour or so and I had to replace the trash bag twice. I had to help him change clothes and give him water (he finished three bottles) and wipe his mouth. Meanwhile, I texted my other roommate to come back already so we can both deal with him and our other friend.

Speaking of which, my other friend was puking her guts out in the girls’ bathroom. She was with another girl who was helping her through it all. She spent about two hours puking in the bathroom stall while the rest of us guys were thinking of what to do outside. We also stood there to warn other girls and drunk guys who are trying to pee in the girls’ bathroom about the situation inside. I myself actually was inside the girls’ bathroom assessing the damage (surprisingly, their bathroom is messier than the guys’).

There were talks of us calling Public Safety and getting her to the hospital because some of us thought she had alcohol poisoning. But, I resisted. I didn’t want her to be transported because I knew of how embarrassing and problematic that trip to the hospital will be. Also, I saw her and she wasn’t as bad as my other friend in NY who experienced a similar fate. She just needed to puke and sleep and she’ll be fine.

In the end, we didn’t end up calling Public Safety but she stayed over in our room instead of going all the way across campus to her dorm.

Drinking is fun but messy. Both of them have never been this far gone and don’t mistake me for an asshole but it was hilarious. Considering that one of our favorite past time is watching drunks stumble into the dorms and listening to comedic stories about drinkers and their stupidity, it was just too much for me to pass up the chance to laugh. It was just too good to be true and trust me, if I were drunk as fuck like they were, they’d laugh too.

The only great thing that came out from this was the lesson they both learned. When they woke up the next morning, the first thing they said was “I’m never drinking again.” Of course it’ll happen but I’m sure they’ll never drink as much as they did. The shame and embarrassment is written all their faces too, especially my roommate. He was drunk-texting me and my other roommate.

“I storpy m drum”



As for me, I would never forget this moment but I’m sure until I’ve experienced it myself firsthand, my drinking habits wouldn’t change. Each of us honestly thinks we’re smarter than the next person and vow that we’ll never be a big mess. But really, we’ll all have this moment. It’ll just hit you when you least expect it.

So onwards to K-Pop on Sunday!!! Temi and I will share our experiences from the concert 🙂 Stay tuned and hope you had a good weekend.



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