Top Ten Tuesdays: Top 10 Rain Songs

11 Oct

Rain is one of the most important artists of the last decade, simply for the influence he has had on the entertainment industry in Korea as well as the leaps he’s made as a global actor and entertainer. Yesterday, he said goodbye to his many fans to enlist in the military. In honor of one of K-Pop’s biggest and brightest stars, here are my ten favorite Rain tracks in no particular order:

“Bad Guy”

This is the song that introduced Rain to the world and almost ten years later, it’s still retains the magic it had. Rain is a magnetic singer and it was apparent that he possessed the talent to go the distance. This was a wonderful introduction to a future Hallyu legend.

“Love Song”

Rain has never been as heartbreaking as he is in this track. Every time I listen to this song, I can’t help but shed a tear. It stirs my heart and that’s a good sign. Rain is an amazing singer whose tone is unique. The emotions he showed in this song are palpable and effective.

“It’s Raining”

Rain exudes sexiness in all of the things he does. It’s all due to his voice; his voice is just naturally sexy. This song is all about how sexy Rain is and one listen and it’s easy to get lost in his sexiness. I know I sound redundant but the song is addicting that way.

“I Do”

This track is slow but I love Rain in this song. There’s something so romantic about his voice without pandering to his audience. He just sings his heart out for the girl he likes. This is just plain beautiful R&B music.

“Ways to Avoid the Sun”

Rain shined in this song with his incredibly beautiful vocals, powerful range, and heartfelt emotion. Halfway through the song, it’s becoming apparent how much potential he had to become the great star he is now. The rap towards the end showed how talented he is but when I think of Rain, I think of this song and how sexy he sounded.

“In My Bed”

Sad Rain is just as compelling and sexy as happy Rain. Rain pours his heart out into this song. It’s not as heartfelt as Ways to Avoid the Sun but it has the same effect.

“I’m Coming”

Sexy. That’s the only way I can fully describe this song and that’s all the descriptions it needs.

“I Still Believe”

This song’s bumping R&B beat is the highlight of the track for me. It’s still quite catchy and rhythmic that you just can’t help but dance to it. Rain is an astonishing singer with how easy it is for him to convey various emotions within one song that some singers today cannot.

“With U”

What a fun and adorable track! It’s something I never expected from Rain simply because of how manly and sexy his voice is. But he’s very charming and alluring here, able to sing in a cute way without ever pandering. This is Rain at his most huggable.

You Already Know”

Rain has never been as vulnerable as this track here, which is why this still goes down as my favorite song from the megastar. It’s light and not his usual style but you couldn’t tell that. He sounds comfortable and perfect for this instrumental. I love it.

There you go. To be honest, I hated Rainism so much. It was ridiculously repetitive and annoying. Still, Rain will be dearly missed. I wish him all the best in the military.










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