C-REAL Debuts With “No No No No No”

12 Oct

What? Another girl group debut? Really?

Although they couldn’t have debuted at a worser time (Yes, I know that “worser” isn’t a word but I want to use it anyways), C-REAL has some pretty credible backing that somewhat sets them apart from the rest of the girl groups debuting. The group is made up of 5 members-all age 18 and under.

What caught my eye about them was the fact that their 6-track debut album Round 1 showcases the work of pretty notable people such as Brave Brothers, Wheesung, Shinsadong Tiger, and Choi Kap Won.

Despite what is portrayed in the No No No No No, the track which they chose to promote, the majority of the girls have really strong vocals which are displayed in내 남자친구에겐 and No Thank You.


1. C-REAL Intro

2. No No No No No

3. No Thank U

4. 그러지 좀 마

5. 뭐야 뭐야

6. 내 남자친구에겐

They’re style is pretty generic. I was surprised that even with the input of such famous producers, the album wasn’t anything revolutionary. I did like how their rapper (I don’t know her name), actually sounded like a legit rapper. Like one you would hear in actual hip-hop. Everyone is used to hearing rappers from girl groups such as T-ara, SECRET, and Kara who basically all have the same style and sound.

The MV was nothing out of the ordinary: soft pastel colors, enchanted forest, micky mouse ears, random dance that is slightly reminiscent of SNSD.


I think that the girls will definitely do well in the future. Right now, they may get overshadowed by the barrage of girl groups debuting and coming back, but I think they will eventually get recognition.



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