SNSD Is Stepping Up Their Game

13 Oct

As you can see from one of our past posts, there are a LOT of girl groups set to comeback/debut this fall. In addition to the groups who have already had their comebacks, we are still expecting SNSD, T-ara, the Wonder Girls, SECRET, and many other groups to release their albums and singles.

Given the immense popularity SNSD has, I had already assumed that they would have basically zero competition. I have never been that big of a SNSD fan, so when I heard that they had released a teaser for their comeback single “The Boys”, I didn’t think much of it. Then I saw this:


Props to whoever directed that teaser because it’s freaking awesome. The point of a teaser is to intrigue the viewer, and let me tell you, I’m intrigued. The girls look gorgeous as always, but it’s really refreshing to see them diverge from either the Gee-era aegyo attack

or the Dark Soshi concept that they kind of butchered during their promotions of “Bad Girl”

They all have a much more mature look, especially Sunny who chopped off her hair for a really gorgeous pixie cut.

I have to say, I am definitely looking forward to what SNSD has for us this fall.

Their official comeback date is October 21 so get excited!


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