Tablo Releases “Airbag”

13 Oct

AHHH he’s back!! After a super long hiatus of over 2 years, the leader of the hip-hop duo Epik High is set to make his debut as solo rapper under YG Entertainment.

Although his official debut will be Nove 1st with his first solo album, Tablo just released one track titled “Airbag” ft. Naul from the ballad group Brown Eyed Soul.

As you can see in my post here, I was a little worried that Tablo’s solo effort would result in a totally different sound from what we’re used to hearing from Epik High.

I was surprised that “Aribag” has a very Epik High-ness to it. I noticed that the soft backing tones and low beat are similar to songs such as “Over” and “Fool”. It’s actually really refreshing to hear Tablo’s voice again. He has an extremely distinct rapping style; if you’ve ever heard him talking, you would know that he sounds exactly the same when he’s rapping. He kind of overly pronounces his consonants and his words are really clear.

The song was good, it wasn’t revolutionary, but I liked that it had a really calming effect. It’s really sorrowful, especially with the repetition of the lines “I guess I’m all alone, once again”.  Naul is an amazing singer (though normally his singing is more powerful).

Naul from Brown Eyed Soul

Epik High is known for their musical and lyrical finesse and “Airbag” doesn’t fail in that aspect either. Tablo gave his reason behind the theme of the song:

“I thought, just like how airbags are always there in case of a car accident, how nice would it to be to have someone there to shield you from difficult times.


With the release of “Airbag”, I am even more excited for Tablo’s album release on November 1st.




2 Responses to “Tablo Releases “Airbag””

  1. MaJo October 30, 2011 at 2:32 am #

    this song is so good, like the whole album x3 and i don’t knew about Naul, but i loved his voice, soft and wonderful ^^
    and the best part of everything…Tablo is back!!! 😉

    • dramapop November 1, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

      You’re right, the entire album is amzing!
      And Naul is a singer from the group called Brown Eyed Soul. You should check them out!

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