College Diary #7: Time Management

16 Oct

Time Management-the bane of college students worldwide. Even though I knew that college would be far harder than high school, I don’t think it is possible to mentally prepare oneself for the onslaught of the college course load. And when I saw course load, I don’t just mean academics. At the moment, I feel as though I kinda sorta have the academics under control (though I’m not sure how long this feeling is going to last…). My problem right now though is managing the bajillion other activities I have.

In high school, I was that kid who was a member of almost every club, played sports, volunteered for every cause, and worked after school. Although this resulted in a super stressful high school career, I enjoyed the business for the most part. After starting college, I forced myself to tone it down; I decided to only join 3 clubs and play a sport. Not to difficult right?

Wrong. This week, I came to the realization that I’m averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep each night. I have practice Mondays-Saturday at 7AM and church at 8AM on Sundays, and tend to go to sleep around 2AM. I thought a sport would be a nice way to ward off the Freshman 15 and keep active; I didn’t realize that Rutgers is a Division 1 school and they take their practices verrrry seriously. To put it into context, the team nutritionist told us that we have to be eating about 3,000 calories a day due to how intense our practices are. After each practice, I literally feel like dying. And then I go to class. 😦

Unlike high school where clubs met during lunch or immediately after school , clubs here meet around 9:30PM. And since this is Rutgers we’re talking about, it takes a good 20 minute bus ride to get there.The clubs that I am in are really fun and exciting, so I don’t really start feeling the fatigue until I get on the bus and some random guy has to wake me up at the end of the route.

On the one hand, I must admit, I do like the how fast-paced everything at college is. One thing I have always hated more than anything is being bored. On the other hand, I’m not sure if being super stressed out all of the time is really the answer.

So wish me luck as I attempt to manage my time! I’m only, like,  a month and a half into the school year, so hopefully I will figure it out soon!



2 Responses to “College Diary #7: Time Management”

  1. berry October 17, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    I understand perfectly 🙂 having just started the 4th week of university i think myself and most of my friends are exhausted. joining clubs leads to meetings and then socials (which leads to lots of drinking and drinking games). lecturers expect a tonne of reading to be done. evening classes. lectures which are spaced out at random times in the day so there is no point going home between them but you end up staying on campus from 8.30-5.30. 20-30min bus journey to get back to halls. meals are at a set time (5-7) and not to mention flatmates who want to socialise all the time o_O people feel slightly pressurized to leave their rooms (and work) to talk to people and then go clubbing or to the pub! my sleeping pattern is ruined and i am posting rants about me not getting enough sleep, when my need to read about kpop/kdramas is leading me to having even less sleep, and its the middle of the night! *sigh* im hoping that because the first few weeks everything will calm down… (sorry for random venting)

    • dramapop October 19, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

      Wow. College really does suck haha. And no, I totally understand. Venting/ranting is my forte =P But that’s so horrible that you have to eat within a certain time! My eating schedule is so sporadic.

      Well, good luck to all of us college students. Hopefully we’ll make it through the year haha

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