Top Ten Tuesday Thursdays: Underrated Songs by Popular Artists

19 Oct

*Since I missed writiing a Top Ten Tuesday post on Tuesday for a training session, here’s a Top Ten Thursday!*

More often than not in KPop albums (and any album really), the lead single gets the most attention. That track is the one that you hear on the radio, on music shows, and during concerts. It’s the one with the cool MV, addicting dance moves, and catchy lyrics. However, I’ve come to find that on some albums there are a LOT of songs that are just as awesome, or even awesomer than the lead track. In a lot of these songs, artists diverge from the norm. Since these songs aren’t being actively promoted, the artists can experiment in different genres and sounds without a lot of repercussions. So here’s my compilation of songs that are underrated and amazing but not that popular. Enjoy!


1.       You and I-Boyfriend

I definitely like this song more than I did their lead single. It’s kind of shows a different side to them, less cutesy and more…awesome


2.       Walkin-Super Junior

As you can see in our review of Super Junior’s latest album, Walkin’ made it as my number one favorite song of the entire album. It’s such a breezy, fun song. I love listening to it when I’m walking to and from classes. I don’t know why, but I legit just start smiling whenever I hear this song.


3.       My Love-B1A4

My absolute favorite song off of their new album. I wasn’t completely on board the B1A4 bus before this album, but now I am really digging some of their new tracks. Also, you should check out Fooool (dumb name, awesome song) from their new album.


4.       As Soon As-2PM

I don’t know, maybe I’m biased, but I think Jun Su’s adlibs really make this song. I like how 2Pm’s vocals are so much better in this song than in most of their other songs. Definitely a keeper =)


5.       Again-Z:EA

ZE:A’s first album went relatively unnoticed, but this was definitely one of my favorite songs off of the album. I noticed that boys have a distinct, fun and pretty badass style in all of their non-lead single tracks. Definitely check out the rest of the album.


6.       Stay-Big Bang

I LOVE this song. It actually is one of my favorite Big Bang songs ever. I don’t really know why, but  a large majority of Big Bang’s Japanese singles make my list of favorite songs ever, and “Stay” is definitely up there. I love the delicate harmonies and also Daesung gets to sing the chorus!! Whoooo Daesung ❤


7.       Love Is-Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo & JeA)

2 of the most talented female artists in KPop really bring it in this song. In my opinion, I think JeA is in the top 5 for the best female voices in KPop, and Miryo’s rapping style is so distinct and fun. Such a great pairing =)

8.       Sweet Holiday-C.N. Blue

AHH THIS IS WHY I LOVE C.N. BLUE SO MUCH! I like them so much better when they stick to this style more than the pseudo-rock pop thing they have been doing recently. Yonghwa’s voice is so amazing and truly uniqu; I liked the beginning of the song, I made it my alarm tone haha


9.   Oh-F.T Island

I liked that this song was more of a duet between Hong Ki and one of his bandmates rather than just him singing. It makes for some pretty awesome harmonies and intricate melodies not always heard in F.T Island songs


10.  Superstar-4minute

My number 1 work out song. I seriously play this when I’m running, or at the gym because the both the song and 4Minute are so fierce. I always feel like randomly dancing in the middle of the street when this song comes on shuffle lol.





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