Rookie Hip-Hop Group M.I.B Set To Debut With A Splash

20 Oct

I haven’t really been keeping up with rookie groups these days due to my pretty full schedule, but M.I.B is a group that really caught my attention. The first thing that interested me about the rookie hip-hop group was that they are under Jungle Entertainment, the company created by Tiger JK and houses himself, Dok2, Yoon Mi Rae, Loptimist, Leessang, Jung In, and many other prominent hip-hop artists. Jungle artists are kind of known more for their quality rather than their market appeal.

You don’t really see Jung In or Loptimist performing on music shows, but take a listen to their albums and you can hear how amazing they are. So when I heard that Jungle Entertainment was debuting a 4-member hip-hop group, I was pretty excited. Another thing that caught my attention was their very unique marketing technique. Instead of releasing a debut single right off the bat, each member has released a personal music video).





Kang Nam

All too often, KPop groups rely on the strengths of a few members (such as Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Jessica in SNSD) or each member’s talent doesn’t get showcased that much. All three of the members who have released their MVs are So. Freakin’. Talented. Even though I had high expectations, I wasn’t expecting this. Check out their MVs below.

Out of all four members, I think I like 5Zic’s “Beautiful Day” the best. If you’re not a hardcore hip-hop person, you might not be a fan, but I definitely am in love with this song. I also like that he has an amazing voice and is also a great rapper.

Even though Cream is a boss rapper, I thought video and lyrics to “Do U Like Me” were sort of cheesy. It was an ok song, but just too many random English lines for my liking.

The MV for SIMS’ “Hands Up” was really cool. I liked the whole intro thing on the subway and as expected, he is a great rapper. I liked that he adds a lot of personality to his rapping, something that is missing from a lot of rookie groups’ rappers these days.

Kang Nam’s “Say My Name” is a sweet song. Although it doesn’t neccesarily match up with their concept, I like that each member has the ability to branch off into different genres.


Rumor has it that the boys wrote and produced all 11 songs on their album which is pretty admirable in itself. Also, it’s been said that $1.7 million has been invested in this group since 2009. I don’t actually know where all that money was going, but I guess we’ll see when they debut on Octuber 25th. Although I’m not a big fan of the meaning of their name: M.I.B. (Most Incredible Busters), I am excited to hear what the boys and Jungle Entertainment have for us.




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