More Uplifting News about Daesung

24 Oct

Phew!! It’s like a whirlwind of good new for Daesung lately! After recently announcing his planned comeback to media spotlight after his unfortunate May accident in December, we’re also going to get to watch his new drama “What’s Up!” Hooray for December!

What’s Up will be a drama about a group of 20-something students studying music and will follow their lives as they try to achieve their dreams. Daesung is one of the students. I’m interested in seeing whether he has the acting chops to succeed in a drama. He is naturally funny and charming, as shown by his experience doing variety shows like Family Outing and Night after Night. Although I did like him infinitely better in Family Outing. That show was just…classic. There’s no other way to describe how delightful the cast was in that show.

If Daesung can harness that same amount of exuberant charm and comedy, I think we’ll have a winning performance. However, if what we get is Kim Hyun Joong + Jung Yong Hwa in one, then dear Lord, I don’t care how much I like him as a singer and as a comedian, but I will not tolerate him.




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