[Review] Lee Seung Gi – “Tonight” (*****)

26 Oct

Lee Seung Gi finally came back with a full album despite his busy schedule doing variety shows here and there. Sometimes, people tend to forget that Lee Seung Gi was a singer first before he was an actor and a variety show star. But his first song released from Tonight, “Age of Love” was a great re-introduction to Lee Seung Gi and a welcome one at that. Here’s how the rest of the album compares.

The opener of the album, “Because We’re Friends” harkens back to the old Lee Seung Gi songs, evoking the same passion, heartbreak, and emotion that he had always evoked in songs like “Because You’re My Girl.” The song has all the hallmarks of a Seung Gi ballad: unfussy instrumentation with live instruments that sound like a mix between orchestra and pop-rock; soaring vocals; and uber romantic lyrics. This song details the heartbreak he feels from not being able to be with the girl he loves because she is with his friend. It’s a song that melts your heart.

“Tonight, Tonight” is a lot moodier, I think, with the rock instrumentation being more prominent, and bringing an edge to the song that the opener didn’t. The subject of the song is very Lee Seung Gi–romantic but heartbreaking splashed with some angst. It’s definitely a song I’ve never really imagined from him because of the way it sounds. Still, it’s a good track if not as vocally demonstrative of Lee Seung Gi’s singing ability.

The next song is more to my taste. “Whenever” is very acoustic and uplifting. Lee Seung Gi’s voice is so textured with snippets of his gorgeous falsetto included. The song picks up the pace as the song proceeds until it builds to a relatively grandiose climax. Seung Gi sings comfortably and that in turn projects feelings of comfort and warmth.

“Time for Love” was reviewed previously already. But I just want to point out that the song does stick out for how sweet and syrupy it is compared to the rest of the album. It’s a great showcase for Seung Gi’s talents and is definitely a romantic track I’d listen to constantly.

Taking a break from being a loverboy, Seung Gi sings a pretty universal track. “A Song That Will Make You Smile” is dripping with sweetness but I love how the message is matched by an optimistic instrumental, especially the harmonica break in the middle. It’s the type of sweetness that I prefer because it doesn’t pander to audiences. The song is like a warm embrace instead of a pinch of the cheek.

We get more doses of Seung Gi cuteness. You’d think that we’d get sick of listening to his sweetness but we get the opposite effect. He’s very good at making your heart melt and succeeds in capturing your affection. “Just You” is similar in theme to Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” and has the same admiring vibe that that song had. Seung Gi is so comfortable with his singing that he’s believably fawning over a girl’s natural looks.

I’m a Bad Man sounds so sexy that Seung Gi sounds like he’s about to pounce on a girl at the beginning of the song. The menacing synths at the opener suggested a song that’s meant for bumping, but then it gets far less aggressive as it proceeds.  Just when I thought he’d get down and dirty, he pulls back the roar and whimpers. Although I wished he tried to be sexy, what we get here is still as good as any Lee Seung Gi song. His voice is naturally colorful enough to keep you engrossed even if you wished he’d do a little more.

Please tell me it’s not possible that the mix of English and Korean makes sense here! Because holy Batman, I was pleasantly surprised by how much his lyrics make sense even when you splash English in there. In “Slave”, Seung Gi sings about being a slave to a girl. Seung Gi is playful here with some lyrics implying some naughtiness: “You can play with me, do whatever you want/ Want you to take your time to get to know me!” It’s deliciously naughty without sounding obscene. Plus, it’s a new dimension to Seung Gi’s adorable personality.

Overall, the album satisfactorily delivers on Lee Seung Gi’s romantic styling. He’s just natural and comfortable, and that’s when he’s the most adorable. This is a much more uplifting album, in terms of the instrumentation, with less bare and stark ballads like “White Lie” and more pop-rock songs like “Because You’re My Girl”. It’s not the most groundbreaking album, sure, but Lee Seung Gi need not to be groundbreaking. He just needs to evoke passion, romanticism, whimsy, and a touch of sexy to be successful. On those grounds, he greatly succeeds.

Rating 5 stars out of 5




5 Responses to “[Review] Lee Seung Gi – “Tonight” (*****)”

  1. Boo Jia Min October 29, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    I ADORE this 5th album!!!

    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! 🙂

    • dramapop October 30, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

      Definitely ranking it as one of my favorites this year ❤

  2. Osi October 29, 2011 at 5:49 am #

    I love this album. Seung Gi is such an amazing singer.

    • dramapop October 30, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

      He really is such an amazing singer. It’s interesting because he’s so good at many things that at times I forget whether he’s an actor, a comedian, or a singer! But he’s all three at once ❤ And he's good at all of them.


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