[Review] Yoon Mi Rae-“Get It In”

27 Oct

Woah. I was not expecting this. I was on my phone, browsing the internet during math lecture the other day, and I suddenly came across an article detailing Yoon Mi Rae’s new single. YOON MI RAE’S NEW SINGLE. Waaaah??!!!

For those of you who don’t know, Yoon Mi Rae definitely makes my top ten favorite Korean artists ever. I love her music, her style, her raps, her kid, everything.

Her new single is called “Get It In” and was released in both Korean and English. Check it out below:

The English version features Smokey Robotic while the Korean version features Jung In (another one of my top ten).

The track, produced by !llmind, features lyrics by both Yoon Mi Rae and her husband Tiger JK (awww). “Get It In” really embodies why I love Korean music so much. The song is a flawless blend of pop, rap, hip-hop, and techno. As usual, Mi Rae really brings it with her lyrics. I noticed that in “Get It In”, her raps are more complex and rapid than usual, yet have much clearer pronunciation than that of her previous works.

The MV…awesome. Like actually awesome. It was produced and directed by Lumpens and stars both Mi Rae and Tiger JK. The director must be some sort of genius; who else would think up such a badass, technological samurai concept? The martial arts scenes were really cool, especially with the Kill Bill-esque animation. (Also, I was so surprised when Tiger JK came out as her final opponent hehe)

“Get It In” is definitely a contender in my top 50 KPop songs of 2011. What do you think of the song?



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