WTF Of the Week: Rookie Girl Group “Leader’S” with 24 Members…

28 Oct

As wonderfully catchy as K-Pop tends to be, there are many instances where I find myself aghast at the ridiculousness of the industry. Sometimes, it has to do with the lyrics and mangling of English in many of the songs but often it’s the talent itself that bothers me. I’m not questioning the idols’ talents (or lack thereof), but oftentimes these talents are not used to the best advantage. Most of the time, however, what bothers me about any group is the sheer number of members a group has. I genuinely like Girls’ Generation and Super Junior’s songs but I cannot take them as seriously as I do Big Bang or 2NE1. One, beneath their glossy exterior, there’s something too manufactured about them that works wonderfully in music most of the time. Two, because both these groups have a large number of members, they have plenty of 5-second singers who add nothing to the group save for a few more good looking members or a dancer or two.

In short, my biggest pet peeve about K-pop is the largeness of their idol groups. This week, we find out that “Leader’S”, a girl group that originally debuted with 8 members back in March, actually has 24 members and that the eight that we saw were just part of one sub-unit.

Holy smokes…That’s one big group.

“The idea of the group is inspired from the Japanese girl group AKB48,” TNG Entertainment said. “Unlike other girl groups, the concept of Leader’S will have a friendly image which will be comfortable with fans.” — Soompi

If you’re not familiar with AKB48, they hold the Guinness World Record for Biggest girl group ever. They also perform in sub-units, although the concept behind it is lost on me.

What’s the point of having such a large number of girls be part of one big group if they’re going to perform in separate entities anyway? Even when broken up in sub-units, the girls are still part of large groups that give little room for each singer to actually perform on the track.

Plus with 24 members, I feel like the public won’t get to know the members (even all of their names!) and more likely than not, there is probably a few members only who will shine while the rest fade into the background (as is the plague of most large-sized groups).



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