College Diaries #9: Eating and Exams

30 Oct

I decided to write this College Diary post about one of my favorite things about college (eating), and one of my least favorite things (exams).


Although midterm season has passed (thank God), I am already prepping for the next onslaught of exams. In retrospect, I think I did pretty well with my exams. Though I didn’t necessarily get the exact scores that I wanted, I was comforted by the fact that the class average for my math class was a 57.6%. 😦

My studying method was basically voluntary isolation from the rest of the world. I would hole myself up in the campus center for 5-6 hours at a time, turn off my phone, disable my internet on my laptop, and just study. Those who know me would tell you  that I am the type to get distracted very easily. My door to my dorm is always open, and I tend to just make conversation with anyone and everyone who passes by.

Preferably, I would like to study in my dorm since it’s comfortable, but  I know that I would probably do about 20% of the work that I would have gotten done at the campus center.When finals come around, I have the feeling that the campus centers and the libraries will be packed with hundreds of students. I may have to find a new method not getting distracted. But I guess I’ll worry about that then. =]

Eating (yay!)

I am actually very surprised that I reached my goal of losing weight at college! Although most of the credit can be given to the fact that I started rowing here, I am still pretty proud of myself for not gaining tons of weight. I would like to believe that my diet is pretty healthy (I make sure that I always get a salad and only 2 entrees), but of course temptation always arises (often in the form of chocolate chip brownies with chocolate chips on top and chocolate frosting).

Even though the dining hall is literally two feet from my dorm (I can legit smell them cooking breakfast every morning), I have found that most of my meal swipes are speant at the campus centers buying sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, and Naked drinks (best drinks EVER).

I also find that I get really lazy sometimes and can’t even find it within myself to make the trip to the campus center or the dining hall. At times like these, I just make rice or ramen in my microwave. I invested in a carton of chicken broth and a bunch of fresh vegetables so now I get to actually make food to my taste (i.e. super spicy)



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