Tablo Performs “Bad” and “Tomorrow” On Inkigayo

30 Oct

Okay, okay, I know everyone is getting tired of the gazillion posts that I’ve written about Tablo. This is the last one, I swear. (Well, actually, I will be posting a review of the second part of his album later hehe).

Even though “Tomorrow” is supposed to be released along with Part 2 of Tablo’s album “Fever’s End”, the rapper decided to give fans a taste by performing the track featuring Big Bang’s Taeyang on Inkigayo.

I am seriously in awe of how great Tablo is live. I thought I was listening to a studio version of the song, it was that good. Many artists these days tend to lip-sync a good portion of their live performances. It’s kind of understandable since they are doing all sorts of crazy dance moves and acrobatics, but it is kind of annoying to hear voices singing, but not see any lips moving.

However, Tablo has blown audiences away with his live performance of “Bad” ft. Jinsil and “Tomorrow” ft. Taeyang. Take a look below.



Okay, so maybe rapping is less strenuous on the vocal chords than singing is, so it is probably easy for him to perform so well on stage, but seriously, he is so awesome.

Taeyang killed it as always. I’ve kind of missed seeing him on music programs, so it was nice to hear his voice again.

And of course, Jinsil was amazing as well. I find her voice and technique kind of fascinating and unique, but was anyone else a little weirded out by how still she kept her face throughout the entire song?



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