SNSD’s Hyoyeon for Vogue Girl

31 Oct

Yes! I don’t think anyone else is more excited that I am that SNSD’s Hyoyeon has finally gotten a solo photo shoot! Recently, Hyoyeon shot a pictorial for Vogue Girl, and boy did she rock it.

I know that I’m not alone in wondering why my favorite member of SNSD is always getting the shorter end of the stick. I get the sneaky suspicion that Hyoyeon somehow got on the stylists’ bad side because they are forever making her look…very interesting.

It’s common knowledge that Hyoyeon is the best dancer within SNSD. She’s fierce, has a hilarious personality, and really brings it during live performances. She does tend to get overshadowed by the more popular members of SNSD, which is sad since she has so much to bring to the table.

I’m super happy that Hyoyeon has been given a little more recognition, and I hope this trend will continue in the future!



One Response to “SNSD’s Hyoyeon for Vogue Girl”

  1. tata February 9, 2012 at 7:31 am #

    yes…..i like Hyoyeon….and I agree with u….Hyoyeon must have more “time to shine” instead of life behind the shadow of other SNSD group popularity…..SM town must give her the chance…

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