Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Underrated Songs by Underrate Artists

1 Nov

So last week, our Top Ten Tuesday was about Underrated Songs by Popular Artists, so this week, we decided to blog about Underrated Songs by Underrated Artists! Enjoy!

I Hate You-Jung In

I LOVE Jung In. She’s an amazing singer, has great stage presence, and a really unique style that is hard to find anywhere. She does not actively promote her music, somehow manages to top charts whenever she releases a new track or album. “I Hate You” is one of my favorite songs by Jung In, it’s so full of emotion and passion.

Lost In Love-Dalmatian

When Dalmatian debuted with “Round 1”, I didn’t think much of them since the single was kind of lackluster and didn’t really suit my taste. I then took a listen to the rest of their album and was hooked. The boys have a really fun and exciting style to their music. In “Lost In Love”, you can tell that they were having fun through their singing, which is always a positive thing.

Take Care-Woo Eun Mi

I am still not very sure of who Woo Eun Mi is. I only know that she once was a top contestant in a Korean music show but was told that although she had an amazing voice, she was lacking the “aesthetics” (which is a ridiculously stupid comment). She made a declaration to her fan base that she would succeed without getting plastic surgery. However, earlier this year she released an album and pictures of herself after a plastic surgery procedure. It is unfortunate that she couldn’t keep her promise to her fans, but regardless of her story, Woo Eun Mi has a wonderful voice. It is so clear and pretty, yet holds a lot of power. “Take Care” was released before her official debut so it did not get a lot of attention.

There Is No Love-Gummy

I hold the belief that Gummy is one of the most severely underrated artists in KPop; I am yet to hear a voice similar to her’s in KPop, yet she doesn’t really get that much attention from people. Though she does not really promote her music that much, I always find myself wishing she would get more attention from the public. In addition to “There Is No Love”, check out “Sorry” ft. her labelmate T.O.P, and “Love Recipe” ft. Bobby Kim

Love Sick-San-E

Not to be confused with E-Sans from Supreme Team. This relatively new rapper from JYP debuted around a year ago and basically has kept a low profile ever since. His debut single, “Tasty Mountain” ( a play on his name, san means mountain in Korean), was kind of a flop since he tried to go the unconvential, super silly MV route. I personally didn’t think it was all that bad, but it didn’t seem to sit all too well with the fans. He went on to release various singles, one of my favorite being Love Sick. San-E is a really great rapper, he is charismatic and not afraid to be playful with his lyrics. Most people’s perception of rap is genre that is either really serious or really profane. I like that San-E goes his own route and is at a happy medium. Also check out his single “Please Don’t Go” ft. Outsider and 2AM’s Changmin.

Midnight Circus-Sunny Hill

Before “Midnight Circus”, Sunny Hill did not have that big of a fanbase, but they rose to fame after they released this single in addition to the crazily awesome MV. They definitely have a unique, unorthodox style to them which is refreshing in the KPop world. Also, check out their single “Pray”

Farewell is Coming-8Eight

8Eight is made of powerhouse vocalists Joo Hee and Lee Hyun, and rapper/sometimes-vocalist Baek Chan. Not going to lie, I have every song that the group has ever released in my music library. In most groups, there’s always the lead singer who undoubtedly has the best vocals. Both vocalists in 8Eight are currently in my Top 5 singers in KPop. It’s easy for me to just tell you to listen to their music rather than trying to explain why they’re so awesome.

It’s Me-Dok2

As an artist under the Map The Soul label, it can be expect that Dok2 is amazing. His rapping has a distinct Western style to it, which is something you don’t really see come up in KPop. He collaborates with Jay Park a lot to create some pretty awesomeshizzle tracks. If rap isn’t really your cup of tea, you may not like this song. But take a listen and see what you think! Also, this song is currently my ringtone hehe 🙂

I’ve Only Done Good Things for You -BeBe Mignon

BeBe Mignon is considered the female equivalent of the vocal powerhouse group 4Men as they are from the same company. The three girls are indeed amazing singers, both with ballads and with more uptempo songs. I don’t really know the other two members’ names, but the lead vocalist, Ben, has a voice that legit gives me chills. Check out “I’m Short and Not Pretty” by them as well.

Fixed Star-Infinite

I’m sure everyone is fully aware of my obsession with Infinite. After their multiple wins on various music shows, they don’t really fall into the underrated category, but I won’t be satisfied until Inifite’s faces are plastered on every billboard in Korea haha. But “Fixed Star” is a sweet ballad and is also one of my favorite by Infinite. They boys really get to show off their vocal talent here, so it definitely is one that you should check out.


So those are my top ten favorite underrated songs by underrated artists. What are yours? 🙂



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