Daesung’s First Interview Post-Accident

3 Nov

I have been out of touch with the world for a while now due to my hectic schedule here in college (Holy moly I’ve never been as busy in my life as I was this week!). So I apologize for not writing as much or keeping up with Korean-related news.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally read this interview of Daesung done by one of his fellow church members. If you didn’t know, Daesung got into a serious accident last May that caused the death of a motorcyclist. Since then, Daesung has withdrawn from appearances in public to reflect on his deeds in church. It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything substantial from him.

The interview is available at in its entirety. It’s a long read but it’s quite worth it. It makes me feel so sad yet so proud of him for overcoming such a harrowing experience.

“CH: What kind of thoughts did you have?

Daesung: I was partially at fault, so I felt sincerely apologetic towards the individual. I prayed a lot. But even in my prayers, I would have reminders of that moment and I couldn’t continue. My prayers weren’t really prayers. I would simply repeat ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry…’ for 20 minutes, and then cry again…”

I can’t imagine what was going on in his head when the accident happened. The most troubling reply that Daesung made was this:

“It was extremely painful for me after the accident. I almost thought, ‘If I didn’t have faith in God, I might have done a lot of bad things. A lot of celebrities have been committing suicide lately, and I started to understand why. This is why celebrities commit suicide, I thought to myself. Not that I thought about hanging myself, but I did feel like I could have made the decision to do so.”

The thought of suicide actually crossed his mind and this where my heart sank. It’s such a great thing that he found comfort in his spirituality.

Around the time when the accident, Temi and I were discussing what will be the future of Big Bang and especially Daesung. It did occur to us that suicide was an option that Daesung might choose. That thought actually scared us and especially me. I was too anxious to look at any Korean websites for fear that I might see the news of Daesung committing suicide.

It’s such a relief though that he’s moving on and he’s starting to find peace. Keep it up Daesung! We’ll always be waiting!





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