What I Like About Flower Boy Ramen Shop

4 Nov

They had me at flower boy and ramen.

Brand new drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” aired its first episode on October 31st on tvN. Our female lead is the 25 year old Eun Bi (played by Lee Chung Ah): a disheveled student prepping for the rigorous civil servant exam. She spends her days and nights studying in order to secure her dream career. Eun Bi is the lovable, slightly delusional type, who is quick to make rash mistakes, quick to stand up for herself, and then quick to look slightly idiotic afterwards.

Her character is kind of goofy, but not in the annoying way that Jan Di from “Boys over Flowers” was. I empathized with her because in the first episode, we see that she has been waiting two years for her boyfriend to be discharged from the army. Dedicated and naïve, Eun Bi assumes that their youthful love will be rekindled the moment the meet again (despite the fact that he refused to maintain any contact with her while serving). It’s a slap in the face for her when she spots said boyfriend with another girl, who he admits to dating even back when he was going out with Eun Bi. Lee Chung Ah acts so realistically, that Eun Bi seems to have a lot of depth despite her comical nature.

And then we have the fabulous Cha Chi Soo (played by the equally fabulous Jung Il Woo). On the surface, he’s perfect: the looks, the attitude, the background. However, right off the bat, viewers are tipped off that he may not be as awesome as he looks. When returning to Korea from New York, a female admirer initiates a conversation with him. Because he said that he had lived in Manhatten for three years, the woman begins gushing in English about the quirks of the neighborhood. Totally not understanding any of the words she just spoke, he responds with “How pretty. Your lips.” LOL.

Turns out our little rich boy spent three years in the States not being able to speak, understand, or function in English. He later complains to Daddy that they expected him to write, read, and *gasp* study in English! He thought that he would automatically become fluent “just like in the dramas”. Haha J This guy cracks me up. He has so many imperfections, but to the unobservant watcher, he is eligible bachelor #1.

The two main characters run into each other (literally), when Chi Soo escapes from his dad’s cronies by running into the women’s bathroom where Eun Bi was. Their brief encounter leaves Eun Bi speechless, shocked, and a little unsettled. On one hand, a really handsome guy complimented her almost kissed her. On the other hand, a scary pervert cornered her in the ladies bathroom.

Eun Bi runs into him again at a fair at her alma mater, where she assumes from his zodiac sign that he is either 31 or 19. Obviously, he is not 19, so he must be 31. Coincidentally, she runs into Chi Soo again on her way to her first day as a student teacher. Due to the fact that his luxurious car and suit exudes “rich, handsome career man”, Eun Bi tries her luck with seducing him with the lines her flirtatious housemate gave her “Do you want to date me? Or not.” (which, for the record is the worst pick up line ever).

As expected, it doesn’t really work out for her. As they both approach the school gates, Chi Soo dons his suit jacket, which, to Eun Bi amazement/embarrassment, is the school’s uniform. Yep. That’s awkward.

I really like the tone of “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”. It definitely is a change from the tearfest of “A Thousand Days Promise”. I like that the comedy and romance are not unbalanced; in a lot of romantic comedies, it is either so funny that the romance is overwhelmed, or it is so mushy and angsty that all you want to laugh at is the horrible acting. This drama does a great job of balancing the two. Additionally, there are a lot of interesting side stories going on (i.e.Eun Bi’s absent father, Chi Soo’s (maybe) girlfriend), which add a nice mix of drama, comedy, and romance to the show.

The acting between the two leads is fantastic. Initially, I thought that maybe since Eun Bi is so un-adult like in her thinking, that maybe Chi Soo would make up for the age gap with his maturity. I was wrong. Mentally these two are 17 (Eun Bi) and 4 (Chi Soo). While Eun Bi can be labeled as maybe a bit rash for her age, Chi Soo is just straight up childish. It’s hilarious seeing his boyish antics and mental processes. Seeing that his Dad is a big scary wimp who watches the nature channel while in the tub, and looks to his secretary for all his childrearing advice, it is only natural that Chi Soo is a big baby. (Btws, I love how when Daddy threatens to send him back to America, Chi Soo just gets out of it by faking an upset tummy).

And while I love me some Jung Il Woo, I know that I’m looking forwards to seeing this guy on screen. (Yum.)



Photo Credits: dramabeans


2 Responses to “What I Like About Flower Boy Ramen Shop”

  1. SuperClaymore47 December 14, 2011 at 5:21 am #

    Aww i like this show! I’m on episode 2 right now, I’m actually surprised because i didn’t think the storyline would be like this! I never read anything about but just looked at google images! It’s different snd that’s what i like! Well im off to watch it!! ^__^

  2. radz April 22, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    did anyone watch this drama? how is it?? i tried finding ratings of it online but there arnt any. Ahhhhh right now i’ve finals going on.. done on Wednesday!!!!! i just cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! supeeeerrrrrrrr exciteddddd 😀

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