Big Bang Wins European Music Awards over Britney Spears!

6 Nov

Big Bang over Britney Spears? Hell yeah. This is probably the best thing I’ve heard all day! There’s something special about that *fact* because my roommate LOVES Britney Spears to death. In fact, our room is divided by our posters. On his side, Britney Spears towers his bed with her perfectly carved abs (nonexistent anymore but still) while mine is covered by 2NE1 and soon Big Bang (once I frigging order it!).

Anyway, since he always obsesses over Britney Spears, I can’t wait until he tells me that his darling singer lost to a K-pop act (which he makes fun of on a daily basis). It’ll be poetic justice mwahahahaha.

Still, there’s something momentous about this award. Big Bang has had so much ups and downs this year and Taeyang said it best when he thanked all the fans for supporting them throughout their ups and downs this year.

Also, I have to say, that picture is all kinds of hardcore awesomeness. Let me list all the reasons why:

a. Seungri’s jacket rocks. I want that jacket. I like the other jackets but the colors on Seungri’s are just my favorite! Black and blue never looked sexier.

b. Daesung. It just makes me smile seeing him out in public again! Love the hair especially and I think he should keep it that way. It’s his best hairstyle ever and most flattering too. Plus, sexy much?

c. Taeyang’s blonde fro. He hasn’t changed his hairstyle in forever (thank God) but it’s nice to see some variety from that hairstyle.

d. TOP’s constant smiley face. It’s alluring

e. G-Dragon. His presence is just…mesmerizing. Is it me or does he look chubbier in the cheeks? And OMG his hair is back to normal!! No more shaved head woo!

Anyway, I love Big Bang and I love that we get to see them together again and out in public conquering the world. I can’t wait for their new album.



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