11/11/11: Pepero Day!

11 Nov

*Please excuse our lack of writing in the last two days. Since we’re in college, we have to abide by the schedules of our classes. Some weeks, we have nothing to do, therefore, we have a lot of time to write and some weeks, also known as “hell weeks,” are just so busy that we can’t even sleep. This week just happened to be hell week for both of us.*

Pepero Day is upon us on this glorious November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). How nifty is that. That’s like the time when people went nuts over 06/06/06 or /07/07/07, as if numbers have some meaning. Regardless, in Korea, they celebrate Pepero Day on November 11.

What exactly is Pepero Day? Pepero Day falls on November 11 because when you write out the date in shorthand, as in 11/11, you get all 1s, which is the shape of a Pepero stick. Ideally, Pepero Day is a time for lovers. It’s kinda like Valentines Day, except with chocolate sticks.

I’ve never had a Pepero before in my life nor am I vaguely familiar with what it looks like. I’ll find out later this afternoon though since the Korean Student Association is having a Pepero Day Fundraiser. It’ll be an interesting afternoon.

Anyway, happy Pepero Day everyone!



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