2NE1 is the Best New (??) Artist In the World

11 Nov

A big congratulations to my favorite girl group in the world, 2NE1, for winning the much deserved, if obviously late, Best New Artist in the World Award. I’m sure your devoted fans (I, being one of them) helped you win tons of votes and you are very deserving.

I don’t want to kvetch given the lightness and the awesomeness of this moment but I have to kvetch.  I have a problem with the wording and the title. Sorry if I’m a little OCD but I don’t know how they’re suppose to make me believe that 2NE1 is a new artist. They made an impressive and incredible debut in 2009 and have been famous since then. I’m pretty sure we’re in 2011 and that they’ve released three different albums. “New” is the last thing I’ll describe them as considering the fact that they’re pros at this point in their careers.

That’s the end of my kvetching but I’m still sincerely over the moon for my girls. They won a terrific title and they’re going to be in NYC (!!!!!) in December. Guess where I’ll be in December ❤ 😉

Anyways, I was checking out some of the Japanese material they have. I know they’re rehashes of the same songs in Korean but I can’t help but compare the two different versions of the same songs.

Here are the Japanese versions of their songs:



I Am the Best

Go Away

I think the only one that came close to sounding as good as the original is Lonely because it’s the only ones that retain the soul and heart of the original Korean version. It’s as if the girls were stricken by insecurity when singing in Japanese. I know it’s not their native language but they should have the same emotions while singing it, otherwise they end up with rough songs. I Am The Best does have that delicious rap from CL in English and I believe her spunk and sass.



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