College Diary #11: The Death Week

13 Nov

Hi again! Sorry that I (Temi) have been virtually absent from DramaPop this past week. I have experienced what Clarence and I like to refer to as the “death week”, aka the week where all of your professors conspire against you and assign close to four thousand papers, exams, pop quizzes, readings, and the like. Thankfully, my death week has finally come to a close, but the experience really made me sit back and rethink my life goals. There was one point during this week where I was studying in my dorm, and it was freezing (the heater hadn’t turned on), it was loud (Friday night), and I was starving (the dining hall had closed); I was studying for my math exam which is this coming Monday, and the only thing I could think to myself was “This sucks”.

We all know that stress is just another part of college, and I was trying to convince myself that it was all worth it in the long run. After doing well in all my classes, I would get a great job, save the world, and then spend my grandma years traveling the world that I saved in my youth (this is just a basic outline of my life hehe) Normally, I can convince myself into studying, but something happened yesterday that really threw me off.

After waking up from a nap, I groggily took a look at my phone and saw that one of my friends had texted me. Being the cavewoman I am the moment I wake up, I didn’t fully comprehend the text and immediately got pissed off at the allegedly offensive text. Still half asleep, I called my friend and started flipping out at him for really no reason at all. Halfway through my rant, I woke up and realized the ridiculousness of my actions and apologized * sorry again Geordan :(*

ANYHOO, the point of this seemingly irrelevant story is that the stress of studying, dealing with term bills, financial aid, and spring registration all cumulated in something I really shouldn’t have done.

After this Monday (6:55 pm), I hope that my life will go back to normal, and I will be able to blog to my heart’s desire. Sorry to all our readers for not being able to keep up with our blog and also to Clarence for making him blog so much this week. 😦

I will get better at time management! I promise!



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