Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten KDrama Characters

15 Nov

Anytime I watch a KDrama (or any drama for that matter), I always have a character who I simply adore. Sometimes that character is the protagonist, sometimes it is the antagonist, and sometimes, it’s just the sidekick. Here’s a list of my top ten favorite characters in KDramas.

Dokko Jin-The Greatest Love

Crazy. The guy is absolutely bonkers. Every episode of Greatest Love had me cracking up because of Dokko Jin’s hilarious antics. I’m not sure if it is because I am used to only seeing Cha Seung Won acting all serious and macho in action films, but it literally makes my day every time I think about Dokko Jin’s infamous panty scene.

Go Eun Chan-Coffee Prince

Go Eun Chan is probably everyone’s favorite cross-dressing heroine. In order to fulfill her role as her family’s breadwinner, Eun Chan prefers to wear more masculine clothing so that she won’t be rejected from job opportunities on the sole basis of being a girl. I loved her no-nonsense outlook on life and the fact that she didn’t let her boss/boyfriend boss her around as so many KDrama heroines are apt to do. Yoon Eun Hye’s raw portrayal of Eun Chan’s dilemma was so poignant, it really made the entire series for me. It was also entertaining to see her easily scarf down like 10 bowls of black bean noodles in order to win a bet. 🙂

Gu Mi Ho-My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

Shin Mina’s portrayal as the innocent creature exploring the human world was nothing less than excellent. Her acting facial expressions, and chemistry with Lee Seung Gi was amazing, making My Girlfriend is a Gumiho an extraordinary drama. I loved how throughout the drama’s run, she was constantly craving meat, and would go to any length to get it. It was also hilarious how she would randomly eat soap or lotion and marvel at the deliciousness of it.

Lee Jin Soo-Coffee House

This guy was the epitome of all quirkiness. As the stereotypical antisocial writer, Jin Soo was amazing at balancing the ridiculousness of his actions, and the legitimate causes of his problems. I loved how his solution to solving any of his problems was to lock himself in his house, turn off the lights, close the curtains, and construct gigantore domino structures haha. 🙂

Jeremy-You’re Beautiful

I absolutely loved Lee Hong Ki as A.N.Jell’s resident drummer and comedian. Lee Hong Ki has such an adorable personality, and it really shone through as he acted as cute sweetheart trying to act tough in front of his crush. The scene where he takes Mi Nam on his favorite bus and sings to her was so squeal-worthy. I loved it.

Song Eun Jo-Cinderella’s Sister

Even though the second half of this drama bored me to tears (literally. Like I was actually crying), Moon Geun-Young’s charcter, Song Eun Jo is still one of my favorite KDrama characters. She’s hardcore, world-weary. and not the most extroverted of people.  I’m not lying when I say she only smiles like, twice in the entire drama. I mean, she doesn’t really have cause to when it seems as though everything and everyone is working against her. She did act kind of like a bitch to her step-sister, but I feel like due to her past experiences, she has every right to be. Btws, if you haven’t watched Cinderella’s Sister, you totally should. Even though it turns into a sobfest halfway through, the interesting twist on the fairy tales is a really great watch.

Pedo Ajusshi-City Hunter

Pedo Ajusshi! Haha I always laugh when I think of Lee Min Ho’s awesome sidekick in City Hunter. The bumbling butler/housemaid/best friend/mom always stole the scenes he was in. I loved that he had an addiction to home shopping and that Lee Min Ho’s character had to suspend his credit card because he was racking up so many bills. He received his nickname “Pedo Ajusshi” from viewers because of his ridiculous crush on a security guard who was safely 20 years younger than him.

Kim Sam Soon-My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

In my opinion, Kim Sun Ah’s portrayal as the  badass, adorable, and totally relatable pastry chef, Kim Sam Soon is one of the best pieces of acting that I have  ever seen. Kim Sam Soon was one of the first KDramas that I had ever watched, and I was really blown away with how great of an actress Kim Sun Ah was. Her character Kim Sam Soon was everything your typical KDrama heroine is not; outspoken,curvaceous, honest, and completely awesome. As a viewer, I felt so attached to Sam Soon because she really wasn’t afraid of showing her emotions, volleying for what she wanted, and not letting anyone step on her. Okay, now I want to go rewatch the whole series.

Cha Chi Soo-Flower Boy Ramen Shop

4 year-old in a 19 year-old’s body? Complete immaturity and obliviousness to the going-ons of the real world? Super adorable rich boy who’s antics crack always me up? Yep, those are some ways you can describe Flower Boy Ramen Shop’s male lead.Cha Chi Soo is my new favorite KDrama brat and Flower Boy Ramen shop is my new KDrama crack hehe

Kang Hyuk-Flower Boy Ramen Shop

I literally do not understand what is going on in the mind of Kang Hyuk’s character, but all I  know is that the guy is freakin hilarious. I love how inthe past 4 episodes, all he has done is cook and sleep. I loved the scene where he comes into the hospital looking for Eun Bi’s dad, and the receptionists asks him for the patient’s name.  He stops and realizing that in order to find the name, he would have to open his bag, look through all of his stuff, find the information, and then tell it too the receptionist. With a huge sigh, he comes to the realization  that there is too much work involved and proceeds to plop onto the ground and fall asleep. LOL

And now for some eye candy hehe



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  1. Alice November 16, 2011 at 3:19 am #

    So, you wrote this post to spazz over FBRS? LoL Yes I freakin love this drama right now!! *joins you in spazzing*
    I really love you guys’ drama posts! I wish they were longer!

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