Wonder Girls Win #1 On M! Countdown!

17 Nov

Whoooo! The Wonder Girls won their first award after their long hiatus with their hit track “Be My Baby”I can’t say that I am surprised with their win, but I am still really excited to here the news. They managed to beat out SNSD, Lee Seung Gi, and many other popular artists. The girls have worked hard and suffered a lot over these past two years so it was great to see it all pay off.

Check out their win and live performances below!

I didn’t really like their performance of Be My Baby all that much. It wasn’t bad, but it just seemed to be lacking something.

On the other hand, their performance of G.N.O (Girls Night Out) was much more exciting. I might be biased because I liked G.N.O much more than Be My Baby, but you really can’t deny that their performance of G.N.O was really fun and attention-grabbing.

Another thing I noticed was that the girls’ vocals were outstanding. Their hiatus really did wonders for their studio vocals, but I didn’t expect their lives to be so amazing. In comparison with the other idols promoting right now, the Wonder Girls are much more pleasant to listen to live. Even though they were prancing around the stage, I didn’t hear any of the members loose their breath, skip a beat, or fail at the high notes.

It was also funny (and kind of sad) that the girls somehow managed to drop and break their award seconds after receiving it. Let’s hope its not symbolic?



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