College Diary #12: The Week I Almost Lost My Fingers

20 Nov

I apologize for not writing anything this weekend. But there’s a reason not related to school at all behind it!

Well, coming off of that wonderful week I had two weeks ago (I scored a 98 on that Economics test! Yipee), this week, perhaps, puts me back down to Earth in terms of my misery to happy ratio here in college. It all started on Sunday:


After going to the gym in the morning and beating my personal best by a mile on the threadmill, I was very happy. I thought that that day was going to be very good to me since I was having a very beautiful morning. Then, it all started getting sour around 4pm.

A little info first: this week, my dorm floor was playing an Assassins game where each player gets a target to assassin and a hunter to be afraid of. I was so into the game that I charted all the known information I have about each player and making guesses on who is killing who.

At around 4, I found out that my target went to Starbucks by herself, so…I decided to make a little trip to Starbucks (Don’t judge me! Some people have done far creepier things than me!) dressed as inconspicuous (read: glaringly bad camouflage clothes) as possible. Unfortunately, before I could kill my target, she sees me coming and got nervous enough to move to the back of the room with another person she doesn’t know at all. This totally ruined my mood and well it’s bad from there.

After coming back from a rushed food shopping trip and a few hours of hanging out with friends, I was killed ungracefully by my assassin. The death wasn’t the shameful part of it…It was the scream I let out that destroyed any sort of credibility I have among friends and people who know me. In short, I screamed with such a high-pitch squeal that some random girl walked into the lounge and asked if some girl got hurt. Embarrassing. My friends won’t stop making fun of me for it either >.>

Then at around 9, my friends and I went to find a room to study. The only room we can find was a hot room that I opened the windows to let the cool air in.

Another info: Apparently there is a rule in the building (although they’ve never said anything explicitly nor put up any signs) that says we can’t open windows.

Well, as I pushed the window up and prepared to let go, the window pushed back down and I wasn’t fast enough to pull all my fingers out of the way. So end result: Blood, a little passing out, and a trip to the hospital. I ended up getting stitches for my fingers.

Suddenly, the rest of the weak was bleak. On Monday, my finger hurt too much, I could barely move it without pain and it made showering or anything hard and annoying. It took me, what usually takes me 10 minutes to do, an hour to do my Japanese homework which just frustrated me to no avail. On Tuesday, we received a pop quiz in Japanese class that…I failed. I broke my laptop because I dropped it and I still couldn’t eat well. What’s worse is that I was getting frustrated from my difficult Calculus homework, my lack of sleep, and the essay I had to write.

All in all, it was a terrible week. Oftentimes, I found myself about to cry from the helplessness of my situation–something I’m not used to. I’m fiercely independent and the thought of not being able to do everything by myself is too painful for me to swallow.

But my weekend made up for that: there was awesome Korean Student Association event with free food! and a Japanese American Student Association Event that had free food and an after party that was even better.

Overall, terrible week, lovely weekend.



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