[Album Review] A Pink – “Snow Pink” (***)

22 Nov

One of the new groups in the Korean industry, A Pink debuted earlier with a very girly and aegyo-filled song. This new release doesn’t change that style at all.

I have to admit that this isn’t exactly my taste but within their limited range, they work.

The first song, “He’s My Baby”, is a nice 90s flavored music that straddles the line between maturity and precocity that seems to be in perfect harmony. The girls’ voice aren’t distinct but they do sound beautiful, which is, ultimately their goal.

This is much more uplifting and pleasing to my ears. “My My” is such a sunny retro track that I end up being nostalgic (being a 90s kid and all). The best part of the song is the vocals, which shows off a much more mature sound than the first track. The song is adorable through and through, but the girls don’t have to resort to singing in childish voices to achieve the same effect.

Yeah” brings us way too far into childish territory with its weird instrumental that features a variety of game-like sounds. The girls sound cute and adorable but beyond that there’s hardly any substance in this song.

“Like a Dream” is so beautiful, probably the most mature song on their album. It’s a light, fluffy song but it kind of reminds me of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow”. However, as gorgeous as the song is, it’s not emotive enough. I thought they should have sounded more melancholic for it to hit the sweet spot. Otherwise, it is a good song.

The last song, “Prince” is an apt closer to this album. It has bright melodies like the rest of the album, but is shaded with some well-chosen guitar moments. It’s one big Dance Dance Revolution song but it’s not annoying. The girls sing the song in one note however with some small flashes of vocal acrobatics here and there.

I like this album more than I should or would under normal circumstances. They’re not my cup of tea but I have to admit that they made good songs. It’s only a matter of time before they break free of this singing style and into more mature themes, instrumentation, and singing.

Rating: 3/5



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