Top Ten Tuesdays: Lee Seung Gi Songs

22 Nov

Here at Dramapop, I am quite biased towards Lee Seung Gi, the musician and the variety star (as for his acting, I’m partial). So in honor of his recent deserved victory at Inkigayo, I’d like to present my ten favorite Lee Seung Gi songs in no particular order:

Let’s Go on a Vacation

This isn’t his original song but there is something so fun and entertaining about his version. The rock instrumentation is perfectly uplifting and true to the original while the color in Lee Seungi’s voice is effective in lifting your mood.

Because You’re My Girl

The song that introduced us to Lee Seung Gi showed the versatility, the strength, and the depth of his singing ability. He is such a great balladeer that it’s hard to believe he was only in high school when this song came out. I especially love the raspy quality of his voice because it suits the instrumental very well and added a more palpable emotional layer to the track. Genius.

Losing my Mind

Ever since Lee Seung Gi started acting in dramas, he’s made more adorable tracks that showed his range. I love Losing My Mind because it has the right amount of vocal manipulation that doesn’t distract from Seung Gi’s voice but adds color to it. His voice is still as distinct as it ever is and here, it serves to beautify the entire track rather than distract.

You’re My Friend

Heartbreaking in every sense of the word. Seung Gi shines so brightly in this track and I love that its instrumentals are not as painfully sad as his earlier work. Still, even without the sad music in the background, Seung Gi manages to wring the same kind of melancholy through his beautifully mature and emotional voice.

White Lie

Among Seung Gi’s more depressing ballads, this is probably my favorite of his. It’s restrained at the beginning and for the most part but it builds up all of the emotion to a climatic chorus at the end that makes you just want to cry. It’s simply a moving ballad with emphasis on moving.

Will You Marry Me

It’s just plain unfair how awesome Seung Gi is sometimes. He’s the most adorable man in the world and this song just makes you want to hug him, kiss him, etc. I love how cute he sounds but it never goes to aegyo. He’s extremely charming and his voice is disarming. That’s his magic: you fall in love with his charming voice.

Let’s Break Up

Lee Seung Gi’s niche is obviously the dark and depressing kind of ballads and Let’s Break Up is a perfect example of the type of songs Seung Gi excels at. It’s beautiful in its emotional heft and the strength of Seung Gi’s voice. He is at his best when he lets his songs build up to emotional heights towards the end.

Words That Are Hard to Say

The music video is a tad overdramatic and hilarious but the song it represents is the opposite. It’s a gorgeous showcase of Seung Gi’s young voice that showed enormous maturity. He’s so good at hitting all the emotional beats of the lyrics that one cannot help but be moved when he’s singing.

Love Time/ Alone in Love

How adorable is this song? So cute and whimsical with its melody and Seung Gi sounds so mature and believably in love. I love the talky part of the song because of how shy and unsure he feels, which is apt for what he’s trying to project in this song. Oh Lee Seung Gi, you are just too cute.

Shape of Your Lips

It’s a classic ballad and I love how fragile he sounds. It’s amazing that he goes from such a low note to a high note all in one song. It just shows how talented Lee Seung Gi truly is.



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  1. Binita sübëdï July 28, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

    Love u lee nd your songs

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