2011 Melon Music Awards

24 Nov

The Melon Music Awards is just one of the annual music awards show in South Korea. The show’s awards are measured according to 20% fan votes and 80% digital sales. Here are some comments on the results of the award show:

2011 Artist (Daesang): B2ST

This was a great choice. If there was one band that made such a huge and lasting impression in 2011, it’s definitely B2ST. I was at the K-pop concert in NY when those annoying fucked up stupid hyperactive brats devoted fans rushed to the stage during B2ST’s rehearsals. “Fiction” is still one of the best song 2011 and one that will be remembered for a long time, akin to Big Bang’s Haru Haru or Wonder Girls’ Nobody.

2011 Album (Daesang): 2NE1 (’2NE1 2nd mini-album’)

As much as I loved 2NE1’s album (and believe me I LOVVVEEEE IT), I thought B2ST should have won this too. “Fiction and Fact” is a beautiful album that hits all the right notes. In my mind, it’s the best album of the year (spoiler for next month’s best-of list!).

2011 SK Planet Best Song (Daesang): IU (“Good Day”)

Who doesn’t love this song? It’s a completely fair choice.

2011 Top 10 Artists: 2NE1 | f(x) | Leessang | Park Jung Hyun | B2ST
Big Bang | Super Junior | SECRET | SISTAR | IU

This list looks about right although I don’t quite recall Park Jung Hyun. I would have replaced her with Brown Eyed Girls. Quite frankly, I’m shocked neither TVXQ or JYJ are in this list.

2011 Best New Artist: Huh Gak

B1A4 all the way. Sorry.

2011 Global Artist:SNSD

No doubt about that.

2011 Netizen Popularity Battle: Super Junior

2011 Hot Trend: ‘Infinity Challenge’: ‘West Coast Highway Song Festival’ project album

I think I’m the only one who absolutely detested “I Cheated”. It’s not catchy at all.

2011 MBC Music Star Award: Baek Ji Young

2011 OST: Sunny Hill’s Jubee (“Pit-a-Pat” from ‘The Greatest Love’ OST)

I still recall Kim Bo Kyung’s “Suddenly” from City Hunter. That was such a great song.

2011 Rap/Hip Hop: GD&TOP

There’s no arguing there

2011 R&B/Ballad: Kim Bum Soo

2011 Rock: CNBLUE

CNBLUE is rock? Since when?

2011 Music Video: T-ara (“Roly-Poly”) directed by Cha Eun Taek

That was such a fun fun fun video! But how on earth did that beat LEESANG’s TURNED OFF THE TV?

2011 Song Writer: Jun Hye Sung (Davichi’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”, Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman”)

2011 Performing Arts Award: Lee Seung Hwan

Dramapop will be making its own list and checking them twice this December too 🙂



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