[Album Review] RaNia-Time To Rock Da Show

24 Nov

After shocking the panties off the Korean music industry with the scandalous “DR. Feel Good”, the ladies of RaNia are back again with a new mini-album.

Although I was never a big fan of RaNia, I did admit that the girls have vocal skills superior to most other girl groups. Their music had a distinct Western sound it and reminded me of something the Pussycat Dolls would release.


DR. Feel Good

Time To Rock Da Show only has three tracks, one of which is a intro. I don’t really understand the point of releasing two songs and calling it an album, but that’s besides the point. On to the review!



1.       Time To Rock Da Show

2.       Pop Pop Pop

3.       Goodbye

Time To Rock Da Show

I found the intro to be nothing more than a lot of synths and some scary voices speaking in the background. The only thing noticeable is the short taste of vocals towards the end. Even though it was only a few lines, the vocal talent behind it sounded great.

Pop Pop Pop

Meh. I don’t really like Pop Pop Pop. It isn’t anything original in that I feel like it is a mix between 4Minute and SISTAR. It’s catchy and fun, but I swear I have heard it somewhere before. The track is definitely a departure from Dr. Feel Good, although I don’t think the change is for the better. And can someone please tell Brave Brothers to stop with the annoying narration in all his songs? Remember the atrocities that ruined SISTAR’s “Shady Girl” and “So Cool”? Yep. That was Brave Brothers. I don’t see why he finds it necessary to add his voice to every song he produces; it doesn’t add any sort of appeal to the song. If anything, it just lessens the quality.


An upbeat r&b ballad, Goodbye is my favorite track off the album (even though the “album” consisted of 2 full tracks) The vocals here were astounding. Even when the instrumentals were stripped, the vocals remained powerful, not needing backing to still sound good. I loved the chorus; if any other group sang this, the track would totally become your stereotypical whiney sad song that we hear way too often. The strength behind the vocals conveyed the sad tone without making it sound cliché.


I can’t really say I was impressed by the album as a whole. Since Brave Brothers has been producing a lot of hits lately, it’s clear that he’s running out of fresh material. Although it’s obvious that the girls of RaNia have an abundance of talent, we don’t really get to see much of it here. If not for Goodbye, I would have given this album like a .5/5.


Rating: 3/5



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