[Review] San-E-I Want You To Be Unhappy

25 Nov

I couldn’t be happier that San-E has returned to the music scene. His single “I Want You To Be Unhappy” is really a turnaround from most of his previous material. With tracks such as “Love Sick” and “Tasty Mountain”, he showed more of his fun personality. But with recently releases such as “Please Don’t Go”, and now “I Want You To Be Unhappy”, he has revelaed a new, darker side to himself.

I was first surprised by the profanity in the intro, but soon realized he was saying “funk it” not…what you think he was saying hehe 🙂

San-E’s rapping style changed a little bit in this track. He was more fierce and powerful with his lyrics. At some points, his technique reminded me somewhat of Eminem. I can’t decide whether I like this version of San-E over the previous one, but I think it definitely will be interesting to see how he progresses in the future.

The song features Bee of Rphabet (the singer who also featured in 5Zic’s “Beautiful”). I love how raw and emotional his verses are. It sounds like he isn’t focusing too much on his technique, instead, on channeling the emotions through his voice.

Check out the lyrics to this great track.

I’m too sad cry, too sad to sing a love song

so I’m gonna rap for this one – funk it

It’s not cute anymore – your lies disgust me

Don’t shiver, don’t talk to me, don’t hold my hand, go away

You make the same mistake, and you can’t look into my eyes

And you’re probably going to say it’s the last time again

“It’s my mistake, I’m sorry, I’ll be good from now on”

No, I’m sorrier because I’m not going to continue this

Is this the love that you were talking about?

Are you proud that you’re crying? Are you even human?

Yes, I loved you but I hate you now

Now I don’t care about what happens to you

Are you saying that you love me right now? How dare you

You say that I’m your everything but you’re not for me

Don’t misunderstand – I can be better off without you

I’m repeating myself but I can live only if I don’t have you

Memories? Give those things to the dogs – piss off before I start swearing

Please disappear from my life

* I wish you are unhappy

Because I don’t have to be happy or in love

I pray that you will regret all your life

I wish you are unhappy

** I’m sorry so so so sorry that I couldn’t be a gentleman and swore

I guess this is all I am since I’m such a loser

I’m sorry so so so sorry that I’m not nice enough to wish you happiness

But what to do? If I don’t, this is so unfair

So lovely so lovely you once were but now you’re ugly so ugly ugly

So lovely so lovely you once were but now you’re ugly- the problem is

You think that I’ll become weak at our past memories

But what to do? This time, it’s not that bad

Maybe we were just pretending to be in love

Maybe this strong unbreakable thing was attachment and not love

Why are yo upset, I don’t understand, it’s too hard

My mouth is dirty – stop crying – stop pretending to cry, it’s gross

Get your act together – this isn’t love but a restriction

Stop pretending to be nice, to be weak but just tie up your hands

Don’t make excuses, just zip your mouth –

Even if you say you will die if we break up, I don’t care

You liar I’m sick and tired – now take off that mask of pretending to be pitiful and now good bye yo

Are you listening to this song? It’s about you

I don’t pray for you but I curse you – I’ll never forgive – it’s revenge

I don’t have time to waste – don’t ever call me again

This is it my message is I’m done with you

Breaking up with you – the end



2 Responses to “[Review] San-E-I Want You To Be Unhappy”

  1. pop!gasa November 26, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    Please credit – these lyrics were translated by them. Thank you.

    • dramapop November 27, 2011 at 4:51 am #

      Hello, we are so sorry, we thought this site ( translated the lyrics. It appears to have taken your lyrics without credit. We fixed the mistake, sorry once again!

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