[Artist Profile]: Broccoli, You Too

27 Nov

I’ve been meaning to do an Artists Profile on Broccoli, You Too for some time now, but never really got round to it. The low-key indie band has been racking a few more followers after their single “Universal Song” was featured on episode 8 of the hit cable drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”.

I can’t actually recall how I discovered the band, but they remain as one of my favorite indie artists to date. It’s ridiculous how difficult it is to find information on them on the internet, but this is what I’ve got so far.

Although they debut in 2005 with more members, Broccoli, You Too currently consists of Deok Won (bass& vocals), Ryu Ji (drums& vocals), Jan Di (keyboard), and Hyang Gi (guitar& vocals).

Broccoli, You Too defies your general indie stereotype where the males tend to stay on the instruments while the females stick with the vocals. With Broccoli, You Too, you have the only guy, Deok Won, singing the majority of the songs, while Ryu Jin, Jan Di, and Hyang Gi stick mainly with the instruments.

Their tracks are really mellow, and give off a really peculiar 50’s vibe that really isn’t present in the Korean music industry. Their music doesn’t carry all the fluff that KPop tends to, so their live performances tend to sound exactly the same as their studio tracks. I really enjoy the melodic simplicity of their music; it’s calming and pretty while still being musically stimulating. Each member is extremely skilled on their instruments, which really shows during their live performances.

Although I haven’t been able to verify it, I heard that all the members of Broccoli, You Too graduated from Seoul National University which is basically the equivalent of Harvard or Yale.

Here are my favorite songs by Broccoli, You Too. Check them out below!

Request For Encores Are Forbidden

Universal Song

*featured in Flower Boy Ramen Shop*

Cruel April


Citron Tea


Us In 2009

YouTube Channel

Also, check out this great interview of Broccoli, You Too



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  1. Annie November 27, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Please do more posts on K-Indie bands!<3

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