College Diary #13: My Adventures With Fanta, Monster, and A Leather Backpack

28 Nov

So this past week, America celebrated the joyous holiday dedicated to to giving thanks.  I would much rather prefer to call it the holiday where the United States makes joint steps to becoming obese because I ate so much this past weekend, it’s kind of ridiculous. *but that’s besides the point hehe*

It was really nice and relaxing to come back home after a few really rough weeks here at college. I recently have been having difficulty finding time to relax, read, or do anything that does not directly involved academics. The long weekend came at the perfect time because I felt a little bit burned out.

Rutgers University is given the nickname “The Suitcase School” because literally half of the student population goes home over the weekend. I was feeling kind of proud of myself for resisting the temptation and sticking it out here on campus, but the prospect of finally going home all of a sudden seemed really really exciting. (Actually, I think it was the prospect of sleeping in my own bed and using my own shower that made me so happy). I enjoyed the time with my family (especially my little bros) and actually got a sizable amount of homework finished.

I was having a great week until Sunday hit. Classes resume on Monday (the 28th) so I decided to come back to school on Sunday afternoon right after church service. I was feeling a bit lethargic since I had gone to bed at 5AM and had to wake up at 8AM Sunday morning. After barely keeping awake during service, I rushed back home, and loaded all my stuff into the car. My dad and I decided to stop at Walmart to pick up a few things, which is when I realized I had left my backpack, wallet, and purse all at home. After faceplanting into the dashboard, I decided to just let it go since my Dad works in the area near my school so he could drop it off for me on Wednesday. We hit a buttload of traffic on the way, but finally made it back to my dorm. After unloading and saying bye to my Dad, I started unpacking and reorganizing my room. When I went to put fresh bedsheets on my bed, I came to the sudden realization that I had left my sheets, duvet, and towel at home. I then proceeded to faceplant into my desk.

I quickly phone my friend who lives near me and also attends Rutgers and asked if she could pick up my stuff from my parents before returning to Rutgers Sunday evening. She arrived at Rutgers at 11:30PM, so I walked over to her apartment which was literally in the middle of the woods. Upon arriving, I see my backpack lying in the middle of a orange bubbly puddle. She explained to me that a soda can in my bag had exploded, leaving all of my belongings sopping wet and reeking of Fanta. And then to top it off, the soda had spilt all over her freshly laundered clothes and blankets. I somehow resisted the urge to faceplant into the wall, but keep in mind that I was running off of 3 hours of sleep and 2 cans of Monster.

The 15-minute trek back to my dorm carrying a pile of dirty laundry, my bedsheets, and a ruined leather backpack was probably the saddest walk of my life. Even though my week was pretty awesome, it literally could not have ended in a more horrible manner. But on the bright side of things, my first class tomorrow is at 4PM!



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