Mnet Asian Music Awards Commentary

29 Nov

The 2011 MAMA Awards were held last night and it’s time again to critique their choices for “Best” of everything. Of course, since I am only speaking for myself, don’t be offended if you happen to like the triumph I disagree with 🙂

Song of the Year: 2NE1 – “I Am the Best”

My fanboy side would say “HELL FRIGGING YEAH” but my critic side would say “meh.” I love 2NE1 and the song but for me, the song of the year is B2ST’s “Fiction”. No one can deny the impact of that song and its artistic qualities merits some accolades.

Album of the Year: Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”

Of all the previous Super Junior albums released, Mr. Simple is their least accomplished so I’m not even going to think about giving them the award at all. I’d have given the award to B2ST because their album is certainly their peak achievement and boasts a lot of incredible pop music.

Artist of the Year: SNSD

I think it’s a fair choice given their heavy influence abroad and at home. Still, they’re not exactly performing at their best and that album isn’t even close to their best efforts. I’d have given this award to 2NE1.

Best New Male Artist: Huh Gak

Again, my fanboy side would say “B1A4!!!!!!!” but my critic side agrees with this choice. Huh Gak is an impressive and moving singer. He’s bound to have a fruitful career.

Best New Female Artist: A Pink

A Pink is a great choice and given their options, it’s their best one.

Male Group Award: Super Junior

Big Bang all the way. Just saying. Okay so maybe my fanboy side would have said that. I honestly think this award should go to B2ST. Artistic achievement + mega popularity = Award. Shouldn’t that be the criteria?

Female Group Award: SNSD

Here, my critic side would have easily said Brown Eyed Girls in a heartbeat but my fanboy side keeps going for 2NE1. Either way, SNSD is in no position to be possessing this award.

Male Singer Award: Kim Hyun Joong

I thought that this award was meant to honor the best singer, so why was Hyun Joong even in the running? I kid I kid of course. I like this choice frankly because Hyun Joong has made such good songs with a fair amount of vocal talent. Still, Kim Bum Soo, hello.

Female Singer Award: Baek Ji Young

How can you argue against the queen of drama songs? She’s so good at singing an making music that one must be inherently tone-deaf not to notice and give her due respect.

Best Solo Dance Performance: Hyuna – “Bubble Pop”

You’ve got to be kidding me. How on earth did that song win over either Jay Park’s “Abandoned” and Jang Woo Hyuk’s “Time is [L]over”?? I guess the voters were all guys since I’d never imagine ass-shaking to the extreme was such a skill.

Best Male Group Dance Performance: B2ST – “Fiction”

Iconic dance step? Check. Fitting and appropriate to the lyrics? Check. This is just the kind of dance performance that stands the test of time. Everyone, I guarantee you, will know what the Fiction dance is in a few years time.

Best Female Group Dance Performance: Miss A – “Goodbye Baby”

I couldn’t agree more. This was a great choice given their competition.

Best Solo Vocal Performance: IU – “Good Day”

Good on IU for winning this award. This song is so sweet and almost perfect that I can’t imagine not seeing IU win this award.

Best Group Vocal Performance: 2NE1 – “Lonely”

No complaints here. The emotions that Lonely elicit from the audience is impressive. This is 2NE1’s best vocal performance ever.

Best Band Performance: CN BLUE – “Intuition”

I’m still debating whether I like Intuition better than FT Island’s “Hello Hello”. Regardless, it’s a fair choice.

Best Rap Performance: Leessang – “Turned off the TV”

Such a beautiful and clever song. It’s a great choice but my fanboy side says GD and TOP.

Best OST: Baek Ji Young – “That Woman”

I’d have personally gone with Huh Gak’s “Don’t Forget Me” but I think it’s a good choice.

Best Music Video: Big Bang – “Love Song”

I LOVEEEE THIS VIDEO. From a critical perspective, I admire the cinematography and the artistic direction of this video. It fits the desolate theme of the song and I love that the video is an atypical idol video. Beautiful.

Congratulations to all the winners!



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