Top Ten Tuesdays: Immortal Song 2 Performances

29 Nov

Immortal Song 2 is such a great idea and a great show. Picture the most popular singers in Korea who already have established fan bases and made hits and sold albums competing against each other for pride and honor! I’d love to see that in the United States. I can imagine it now: P!nk vs. Rihanna vs. Christina Aguilera vs. Adele vs. Adam Levine vs. etc. That, I’d watch.

I look back on the first 23 episodes of Immortal Song 2 and ranked my 10 favorite performances thus far. I have to say it was so hard. It required some reviewing of performances and while I was making a playlist, I ended up with 61 performances that I liked. Then, I had to whittle that list to just ten. I regret not including everyone that I love from MBLAQ’s GO rocking it out  to Junsu’s fun performance as Jun.K to HongKi’s dazzling vocal dexterity.

10. Jay Park – You, Do Not Change

This surely isn’t one of the more vocally accomplished performances in the bunch and Jay Park is well aware of his limited vocal talent compared to his competition, but he more than makes up for it with inventiveness, style, and entertainment. There’s a reason why he won that night; the audience loved this performance. He danced up a storm on that stage, all while delivering, perhaps, his best vocal performance throughout the competition.

9. Changmin (2AM) – Jealousy

Throughout the competition, Changmin has been some kind of an oddball eccentric with his funky costumes, his endearing smiles, and his hilarious dance moves. But apart from that, Changmin possesses a magnificent voice–a really weird bluesy voice that’s rare to find. In this song, all of his wonderful traits come together in such a beautiful package that you can’t help but admire him. Try as you might, you cannot avoid Changmin’s charisma. He’ll pull you in a trance.

8. Yesung (Super Junior) – The More I Love You

Yesung has been steadily impressing audiences throughout his stay in the competition. His performance of Boowhal’s majestic track is just heartbreaking and beautiful. I love how he builds up the emotions towards a climatic finish that will leave you breathless. He’s a powerful singer and no one can disagree with that.

7. Lim Jeong Hee – Again

Some people call her the Korean equivalent of Alicia Keys (unless I’m confusing her with Gummy) and I can see why. Like Alicia Keys, Jeong Hee has a very soulful voice and whenever she sings, the emotions are so palpable that you’ll believe she actually feels all of that she is emoting. This performance is the peak of her time at Immortal Song 2 and it’s quite shocking that she didn’t win that night.

6. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – Remember the SeupJak

As a member of Super Junior’s KRY division, aka the only REALLY TALENTED singers in the group, Kyuhyun more than lives up to that membership. He is, in my opinion, the best singer of the three. This performance is perfect: the orchestration is so beautiful while Kyuhyun’s voice is so powerful and moving that you can’t help but shed a tear.

5. Huh Gak – Yoke

If you can make the original singer cry with your interpretation of their song, you must be doing something right. Huh Gak is a talented singer who, from week to week, has delivered some of the best performances this show has seen thus far. This performance is his best one, in my opinion, because he delivered on the raw and captivating emotions that the song requires.

4. Hyorin (SISTAR) – Mini Skirt

I started liking Hyorin first with “Ma Boy” since she was such a charming presence gifted with a voice of a diva. Since joining the show, however, I’ve been hooked and fell hard for her. She is a divine contestant who delivers a great performance week after week. She is so good that people call her “Korean Beyonce”. This performance is Hyorin’s best: she is sexy, her voice is full of yearning and passion, and her range is extraordinary.

3. ALI – What a Wonderful Night

ALI has a very rare voice that reminds me of Joss Stone with its soulfulness and her pronunciation. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I don’t. But this performance is undeniably good. Everything about her styling is remarkable. She sings so soulfully and I love the raspy aspects of it. She was a full-blown rock star on that stage that night.

2. Shin Young Jae (4MEN) – Tea House in the Winter

Shin Young Jae is probably the most intimidating competitor on this show. Even though he was the youngest, he was definitely the best singer among all of them. Among all his performances, which I all liked, this is the one that moved me the most, I connected to the most, and admired the most. Young Jae captures every emotional beat of the music and lyrics that one cannot help but feel moved. Totally astounding.

1. Minkyung (DAVICHI) – With The Heart to Forget You

I’ve watched all of the performances thus far from Immortal Song 2 and compiled a list of 61 performances that I liked. Of those 61 performances, no other song had such an impact on me like Minkyung’s heartbreakingly real and ethereal performance. She deservedly won an award with this searing take on trying to forget a past love. It’s especially effective because Minkyung sings the lyrics with such fragility that it’s easy to believe her. I can feel her pain and that’s the most one can ask of any singer.



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