[Album Review] Trouble Maker – First Mini Album (***)

30 Nov

Trouble Maker, a collaboration between 4minute’s HyunA and B2ST Hyunseung is such an exciting venture because they’re both experienced idols with interesting characteristics that I never pictured together. This project EP has so much hype because of their very nature and talent that it might be hard to live up to those high expectations.

The opening title track, “Trouble Maker” is such a fun track with the whistles flirting with the audiences’ ears. It’s a very laid back track and can be very sexy. I have to say, I like the combination of Hyuna and Hyunseung. HyunA is very sexy and reliable with her pseudo-singing and rapping. However, the star of this track is Hyunseung. Given his storied history with the K-pop industry, it feels so good hearing him do a project that shows more of his talents.

The next track, “The Words I Don’t Want to Hear”, sounds like a song by B2ST featuring HyunA. The instrumental has shades of B2ST’s last album but it’s remarkable for showing Hyunseung’s vocal talent. The guitar is so romantic and soothing and so evocative of emotions that the singers at times do not evoke. HyunA is a limited singer but she makes up for it with effort. She sounds genuinely admirable here. Had I heard this song before any of her previous material, I’d have thought she was a phenomenal singer.

For a group called “Troublemaker” this album does not sound mischievous at all. The next song, “Time” is another light song that, even if it does sound good and shines a bright light on the duo’s singing talent, does not evoke the duo’s fun. With that caveat out, HyunA does sound really good here, probably the best part of the song. She sounds so comfortable and at home with her singing. Hyunseung employs some falsetto that is just thrilling and sexy.

Another ballad well done but now I’m completely confused. See, when I see promotional pictures showing the duo with champagne glasses, I imagine fun and partying. This isn’t exactly party music. That said, it’s a solid track; it’s not outstanding but it’s definitely worth while.

Overall, this is a good album but my expectations were too inflated by the  thought of having a great fun album from two personalities who are all about fun.

Rating: 3/5 stars



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