Daesung’s Drama “What’s Up” Finally Gets An Airdate!!

1 Dec

I cannot describe how excited I am to here that the much anticipated drama “What’s Up” will be premiering this Saturday! After being put on hold for over a year, the teen performing arts drama will finally be aired.

In addition to the appeal of the drama starring  Big Bang’s powerhouse, Daesung, I am super estactic to watch a drama that lays in the performing arts genre. Although Dream High and Heartstrings also fell into this genre, I never really got the same vibe I got when watching Fame. I am quite happy to say that “What’s Up” is everything I could hope for in a drama and more. Check out the trailer below!

We’ve got powerful singing, intense dancing, and of course, the ever-necessary love lines.I loved the rendition of the theme of Fame; even though the engrish had me cringing a bit, I enjoyed the powerful vocals and dance numbers. I’m also looking forward to hearing Daesung sing =))

What’s Up actually cast their characters through rounds of open auditions, which means that there will be some real talent showcased throughout the series. This will come as a breath of fresh air for me since I usually find myself getting annoyed with all the fake piano-playing and lip syncing that goes on in most dramas. The show will also star  Im Joo-Hwan (Tamra the Island), Im Joo-Eun (Hon), Jang Hee-Jin (Myung-Wol, the Spy), Jo Jung Suk (musical actor), and Lee Soo Hyuk (Tree With Deep Roots, model) (pictured in order)

Im Joo Hwan

Im Joon-Eun

Jang Hee-Jin

Jo Jung-Suk

Lee Soo-Hyuk

Be sure to check out the premiere of “What’s Up” this Saturday, December 3rd!

On a side note, I must say, I am a wee bit worried that the awesomeness of this drama may potentially conflict with the unawesomeness of finals week. *sigh*



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