[Review] Bang&Zelo-Never Give Up

1 Dec

What…the hell. I’m so confused right now! When sub-unit rookie group Bang&Zelo released their debut trailer, they kind of gave off the impression that they were a hardcore rap duo.So after all that, I was not expected such a cutesy, school-themed MV like this one:

Okay, so it’s not a bad video, it was just very very unexpected. If you don’t take into consideration their teaser, the song and video are both pretty adorable. They released this track to encourage all the Korean high school students who got their exam results back. If you think about it, the message to ”Never Give Up” is a really thoughtful one, especially in a season when so many students are stressing out about attending university.

The concept of the MV was slightly too High School Musical for my taste, but it was well put together.  The song wasn’t killer for me. I did like the contrast between Zelo’s lighter sounding vocals and raps, and Bang Yong Guk’s hoarser ones. I was impressed that Zelo could sing and rap so well seeing as most other KPop artists usually excel in one or the other.

One thing I did not like though was the fact that Zelo looked like a Barbie doll. The bright yellow curly hair coupled with the baby pink lipstick and thick eyeliner is not a good look on anybody. I understand that they were trying to play up the fact that he’s an adorable fifteen-year old, but still, I don’t think he needs to look like a doll.

Bang Yong Guk made such a transformation from the hardcore rocker we saw in “I Remember”.  He was a lot more playful in this video, which is good see because we can all tell that he is a versatile musician.

I’m not sure if the two will be releasing an entire album, but I hope to see more of them in the future!

Rating: 4.3/5



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