He’s Back!

2 Dec

Thank God it’s Friday indeed.

Big Bang’s Daesung has returned to the Korean entertainment industry after the car accident in the summer and his subsequent hiatus. He’s looking to shake things a bit with his foray into acting. His drama “What’s Up” premieres this month and teasers are aplenty all over the internet!

The best teaser yet is this haunting song from his upcoming drama.

The music video is artsy, filled with symbolic imagery that leans on the macabre but fits well with the haunting tone of the track.

The song is called “Lunatic” and it’s an appropriate title to a haunting track. The instrumental broods as Daesung’s lower register enters the song. It’s music is part-rock and part-electronica, with splashes of Big Bang and YG heard all over the place. I admit I’m not quite taken with the song; the rap is a little too distracting and the shifts between that and the vocals are a little too ungraceful. Still, it allows us to admire Daesung’s wonderful voice, free of backup vocals or any other group members. It’s all Daesung all the time.

Of all the Big Bang members, Daesung has had the least success as a singer, which I find ironic because he consistently sings the best among all five. Most of Big Bang’s music unfairly push Daesung to the sidelines, giving him bit parts of the song. Still, even in those bit parts, he shines bright. No one can deny Daesung’s talent.

Despite all of this, Daesung still has a large fan base thanks to his solid comic work on variety programs like Night after Night and Family Outing. What’s Up will show whether or not Daesung can act as well as he can sing. I admit, the premise of the show doesn’t entirely entice me to watch it. The only real reason I’m watching, and I suspect many others as well, is to witness Daesung’s return to his rightful place–in the spotlight.

What’s Up premieres December 3.



2 Responses to “He’s Back!”

  1. reglest December 8, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    I do think so,
    My first Bigbang’s song is lollipop, and though I’m not hooked by the song at the first heard, I was falling in love with Daesung’s voice.

    It’s so sad that he don’t get what he reserved, he is the best vocal of the group, more than Tae Yang.
    More than GD,more than T.O.P, more than Tae Yang…he is the one who shine the most for me

    • dramapop December 10, 2011 at 11:35 am #

      I do certainly agree with you on his talent! Daesung has more vocal capability than Taeyang. If he only looked better, I bet he’d be lead singer instead of Tae. I don’t mean to disparage any of Big Bang members because clearly I do think they’re all talented in different ways. Sometimes, Daesung is underutilized and almost always in the sidelines.

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