[Review] Infinite-Lately

5 Dec

Oh Infinte. How I do love thee…The boys of Infinite have just released the MV of their Christmas single title Lately (or White Confession, whatever floats your boat). Not that I didn’t love Inifnite before, but this music video made adore them. I was studying in my common room when I saw that the video had been released, and upon watching it, I literally couldn’t contain myself when I saw that my baby Sung Jung got to sing…an actual verse??!!! The fact that he sang for over 6 seconds literally blew my mind 🙂

And then, when I thought life couldn’t get any better, Sungyeol sang as well! Well, it’s official, Christmas is here.

The song itself is a sweet upbeat ballad. It just feels like Christmas. Of course this is helped by the jingle bells and strings in the background, but the boys vocals are perfect. With the exception of Woohyun and Sungkyu, the vocalists all have these really pretty and delicate voices. The contrast between the two types of vocals really added to the song, especially with the inserts of Hoya and Dong Woo’s raps.

The MV was entertaining, with a handheld camera following the boys around as they do their holiday shopping. Coupled with the track, it was a great production all together



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