College Diary 15: Extremely Tired and Incredibly Sad

18 Dec

Finals week is well…finally over for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. The lack of blog posts over the week is the result of daily preparations for tests that can decide the fate of my GPA. Not that I’m particularly worried at this point. Still, I just needed a day or two to sleep after everything was done, hence the lack of posts yesterday. Anyway, I’m back to full capacity while Temi still has finals through next week.

It’s been a studious week for me; I don’t think I’ve studied as much before, give or take the AP Chemistry exam. I had three finals this week  and each were in their own way frustrating. Japanese required me to memorize six chapters worth of vocabulary an kanji characters, Economics required me to understand fully the ins and outs of aggregate supply and demand, and Calculus required me to know theorems and explaining crap. It was incredibly frustrating.

What’s terrifying about finals is the effect they have on your GPA. Finals count for much of your grade and sometimes that’s a daunting percentage. For example, my Calculus final counts for 30% of my grade. That means, if I fail, I lose as much as 15 points on my report card. As it is, I’m already dreading getting my grade for the class. I pretty much know I did terribly on the test that culminated with me just lying on my bed staring at the ceiling blankly.

Coffee and Red Bull are your best friends during finals week and sleep is your goal. Your friends, fun, the television, and Facebook are your sworn enemies who do their best to distract you as often as they could. Regardless, if you get through it, you’ve successfully conquered the first semester of college.

I’d like to keep this post brief because I have to pack my stuff to go home. I’m still not used to the idea of having a month-long break. It’s scary; what the hell do I do for a month?



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