The List: Best Supporting Actors

24 Dec

I think we can all agree that 2011 was an amazing year for dramas. This year, I have laughed, cried, yelled, faceplanted in front of my computer screen more than ever.

Although decisions are things that never come easily to me, I finally made my list of best supporting actors in this year’s dramas. I was going to pick my top 5, but then I realized that I only found 4 actors who really caught my eye this year. Check them out below!

Jae Joong as Cha Mu Won (Protect the Boss)

At first, I was a little skeptical when I heard that Korea’s favorite flower boy would be taking on a major role in a drama. I am not too fond of all these idols bombarding the drama industry with their too-good looks and generally bad acting. However, Jae Joong came as a pleasant surprise as the naïve, hard-working, and fascinatingly childish Cha Mu Won in “Protect the Boss”.

Even though the rookie actor was surrounding by a stellar cast, he gave them a run for their money. Something about his demeanor illustrated how well Jae Joong embodied his character. At every point in time, I felt as though I was really seeing the real Cha Mu Won. As I said in a previous post, it is almost eerie how natural Jae Joong’s acting is; I think the fact the he is new to acting, and doesn’t have the same training as others actors do makes him even more natural. I really enjoyed watching Cha Mu Won in Protect the Boss, and hope to see more of Jae Joong very soon.

Kim Sang Joon as Lee Jin Pyo(City Hunter)

I get chills whenever I think of Kim Sang Soon’s performance in City Hunter. I’m normally not perturbed by the evil baddies in KDramas; they tend to be over the top and totally ludicrous. However, Lee Jin Pyo’s (who I referred to as Evil Daddy) calm and collected desire for revenge was terrifying. Every one of his plans had a disturbingly genius logic to it and he carried them all out without one glance behind him.

Kim Sang Soon really gave a stellar performance in City Hunter; it was amazing seeing how his desire to avenge his betrayed comrades slowly took over every aspect of his life.

Choi Jin Hyuk as Bae Sung Hyun(I Need Romance)

It was unfortunate that this drama flew under the radar since there was some really amazing acting involved.  Choi Jin Hyuk (formerly known as Kim Tae Ho), stole the hearts of all the female viewers as the innocent and naïve Bae Sung Hyun. His concierge character literally reminded me of a puppy as he pined away for his noona crush/boss. I liked that although he didn’t speak much in the first few episodes, his eyes were so expressive and sad *puppy* lol .

In a fantastic dramatic twist revealing his true position as CEO, we get to see him take the role in the relationship as his crush’s fake boyfriend. I think this was really a breakout role for Choi Jin Hyuk so I’m looking forwards to his next project.


Lee Joon Hyuk as Prosecutor Kim Young Joo (City Hunter)

Never in my life have I rooted for a character as much as I did for City Hunter’s Kim Young Joo. Although Lee Min Ho’s Yoon Seung gave him a run for his money, Young Joo was my favorite character in the entire drama. The strength of his desire to bring justice to the world was so tangible; I really enjoyed seeing how conflicted he was when he had to partner with his nemesis in order to do so.

The death of his character literally left me reeling. I couldn’t believe that the most righteous and heroic character was faced with such an untimely death. Lee Joon Hyuk’s portrayal of Young Joo was incredibly poignant, it still sticks with me  today.



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  1. August 31, 2013 at 11:30 pm #

    I totally learned something new about Korean pop today. It’s pretty amazing to see how the Kpop industry
    can be so widespread and venturing off to other areas other than music.

    It’s so weird to see these people start off
    as just Korean music rookies and seeing them reach this point.
    Totally amazed.

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