Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Songs That Got Me Through Finals Week

27 Dec

As most of you know, finals may be the most depressing time of a student’s life. While studying, I came to the realization that some songs just have that feel-good factor that really picks you up. I compiled a list of the songs I played the most during my finals week. Check out my top ten below!

Angel-Teen Top

As much as I dislike Teen Top, I absolutely love this song. It is so sweet and simple, and for some reason, the chorus tugs at my heartstrings. I kind of wish the vocals and raps were a little bit better; although the boys’ actually voices are decent, they sing without much emotion which is something that really took away from the song.

Baby Don’t Cry-Daesung

Hearing Daesung’s voice saying “Baby don’t cry” can really improve your mood. Even though I don’t necessarily like the production of this song (the instrumentals are overpower), Daesung’s voice is amazing.

Can U Smile-Infinite

Can U Smile is one of my all-time favorite songs by one of my all-time favorite groups. The song itself is really upbeat and as usual, the vocals and raps are on point. My favorite parts of the song are the raps and the ending lines.

Hakuna Matata-MC Sniper

The song was my alarm for my entire senior year of high school. It’s just so happy and positive that it made me actually want to get up and start my day. Usually MC Sniper’s songs are really deep and serious, so when I found this song, I was extremely surprised. My friend and I have a running joke where we sing the chorus to each other just because it’s so awesome ~~~you know I gotchu~~ 🙂

It Was You-Brother Su

I’m exactly sure who this guy is, but he is freakin’ adorable. I came upon a remix that Ra.D did of his single “It Was You” and fell in love with the song. His voice is so cute and soothing-the perfect song for finals. *also, check out this adorable clip of him introducing his song hehe*

Like A Flower-Lee Seung Gi

This is the song that made me fall in love with Lee Seung Gi. Even though I had known that he was a great actor and MC, I had never heard his music so I was doubtful that he could be good at all three. Welp, I was wrong.


These guys have pretty much flown under the radar since their debut, but apparently they are really big in Japan now. Jiggy was their debut song and I personally loved it. I still remember in gym class, my friend and I would just dance and sing “bom bom bom shawty bom bom bom bom bom shawty” instead of playing dodgeball haha. It’s a cute song that’s really energetic, so definitely take a listen.

Lost In Love-Dalmatian

Another underrated group with amazing songs. The boys of Dalmatian have this fun-loving personality that really comes through in their music. They are less about being beastly, chic, or fashionable idols; it’s apparent that all the members have a love for music. Lost In Love is a fun, bouncy track that I always love to listen to. Usually, I don’t like it when falsetto is incorporated into pop songs (with an excpetion of MBLAQ’s G.O and Big Bang’s G-Dragon), but Dalmatian is one group who can pull it off.

No Other/Walkin’-Super Junior

I couldn’t decide which one of these two Super Junior songs I should pick for this post. They are both so amazing and make it in my top ten Super Junior songs playlist. They both kinda have the same vibe; they are both happy songs, but have a bit of a sad tone to them.

One-Double B

Another group who I have no information on. I can’t even remember how I found this song, but it definitely is a keeper. The vocalist has such an amazing voice, that a girl on my floor converted to KPop after hearing this song *haha* If I ever find more information on Double B, I will definitely write an Artists Profile post on them so keep a heads up!



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