WTF of the Week: New F.O-Why They Suck

29 Dec

Okay. So I’m not intentionally trying to be mean, but every time I see New F.O perform, all I can think of is that they suck. Majorly. With the outpouring of new girl groups in 2011, the girls of New F.O (which stands for New Five Order) could not have picked a time worse than now to debut. Among all the semi-mediocre groups, New F.O stands out because they are just really really bad. Here’s their debut MV “Bounce”

Besides the fact that the whole space, cosmos, outer-worldly concept has been overplayed, (you can see how well it worked out for these guys here) the song itself is trash. In the entire song, they sing for 30 sec max. The rest of it is just them talking in overly-cute voices that hurt my ears.However, in the few seconds they do sing, we get a hint of their vocal capabilities which seem to be decent.

Even more, some random person had the audacity to compare them to Infinite saying that both groups dance really well and are both “trend idols”.

Um…okay, first of all, Infinite produces actual music. And secondly,the members of Infinite give spectacular live performances. Unfortunately for New F.O, they fail at both aspects.

Here’s their live performance:

Another thing that baffles me about the magnitude of their suckage is that 6Theory is behind their production. One would think that the effect of such a large and prominent corporation in the production of a group would guarantee…I don’t know…quality? The girls even traveled to New York and California to finish off the mixing of “Bounce”, so now I’m confused at who’s responsible for this whole mess.

I’m sorry to say that I find New F.O unoriginal, hackneyed, and somewhat annoying. What do you think?




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