[Album Review] T-ara – “Funky Town” (****)

3 Jan

I find it a little maddening sometimes to think of T-ara because as much as I love their music, they’re never coherent. Sure musical diversity is a good thing and should definitely be embraced by artists but when artists revert to old tropes that they’ve outgrown, it just makes me frustrated. Why go back to that style when the one you just embraced recently works just as fine, if not better?

T-ara suffers from that kind of back and forth flip-flopping that we customarily see whenever we listen to any Girls’ Generation album. The lead single might prove to be groundbreaking but if you listen to the rest of the material in the album, it’s a rehash of the same old same old.

With that caveat out of the way and as frustrated as I am with their flip-flopping, T-ara’s new album isn’t bad at all.

Their lead single, “Lovey Dovey” is a fun little ditty if it is in fact some rehash of T-ara’s “Roly Poly”. I love the way they “ooh” in the verses; it’s the single most addicting thing about this song that will, regardless of whether you’d like it to or not, find its way to get stuck in your head. This is the essence of most K-pop songs; make a catchy song that will endear the artists forever to you. That’s why regardless of how stagnant they seem at times, T-ara is such a fun group to listen to.

And here’s the flip flopping I’m talking about. How they go from gooey childish voices to the mature and beautiful sirens that they are in this track is just mystifying if downright annoying. As it is, this is one gorgeous track; “We Were in Love” is one damn good ballad that showcases the girls’ most impressive vocal work as solo singers. I say solo because they don’t particularly sing in unison as wonderfully as they did in “Cry Cry”. Add to that Davichi and it’s as if they’re trying to be compared to the world class singers. Thankfully, the result was just magical.

The rest of the tracks are from previous album “Black Eyes” which was reviewed:

Overall, the addition of the two sings didn’t enrich the album the way I preferred it to be. However, they present two of T-ara’s most potent releases up to now.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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