[Review] MBLAQ – “Scribble”

3 Jan

MBLAQ is coming back with a new single and I couldn’t be more excited. After their surprisingly mature and musically impressive mini album “Mona Lisa”, I’ve developed higher expectations for this group that I once loathed. It’s an interesting career renaissance for the group and their new single, “Scribble” has to live up to the promise of their last efforts.

After only a few listens to “Scribble”, I’ve developed an attachment to the track, with its beautiful melody that continued MBLAQ’s growth as artists. The melody itself is still reminiscent of their style in “Mona Lisa”. This time they opt for Italian influences whereas Spanish music dominated their efforts last time around. The lyrics are some of the more impressive ones in the group’s vernacular and I’m thoroughly impressed by their efforts.

As singers, the group has definitely improved, preferring to avoid the auto-tune that they often garnished their previous offerings. Here, we hear a few processing but it’s done not to hide the boys’ shortcomings, particularly Thunder, but to just make their voice match the production. We can still clearly hear the talent dripping in this song: GO is as good as ever, doing lots of the emotional heavy lifting but also learning to share some of the depth with his group members. Thunder shockingly sings better than he did in “Mona Lisa” and finally settled for singing rather than distracting us away from Mir’s confident raps. Seungho and Joon remains stable as they always were.

Overall, this track just excited me about MBLAQ’s upcoming year. I feel like they’re primed to break out of their shells and come out as full-fledged stars that the K-Pop fans would suddenly fall maddeningly in love with, like B2ST this year. Fingers crossed for that.



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