The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 PART I: 10 Songs That Should Have Made the Cut

3 Jan

Well it’s that time of the year to consider the best achievements of the year, something that I look forward to every year with much anticipation because I’m a list whore who actively watches award shows with much gusto. I’ve done this kind of listing before and I’m glad to share my list of the best songs of 2011.

A note about this list; I wanted diversity on this list and therefore I opted to include only one song from each artist. This was a problem because there were so many songs that would have made a showing on my list had they been made by someone else. Therefore, here’s a list of ten songs that would have made my list:

Before U Go – TVXQ: Sex on sticks; like a gorgeous siren call you can’t resist to perk your ears up to. Changmin is a blast.

Beautiful Target – B1A4: Broken English may dissuade one from listening but its innocence is charming; Baro is the MVP.

I Am The Best – 2NE1: Addicting repetition and all-around fierce declaration of what we already know: 2NE1 is the best.

Knocked Out – GD and TOP: Oozes the fun and quirk that you expect from the duo with the added bonus of their sexiness.

Love Song – Big Bang: G Dragon is a genius; he captures lovelorn anguish and makes such a beautiful and emotional song.

Nothing’s Over – Infinite: Light, fun, bright, and pretty much succeeds on the strength of Infinite’s wonderful group vocal.

On Rainy Days – B2ST: A lyrical triumph,a perfect display of vocals, and a charismatic rap ably makes this so irresistible.

So Cool – SISTAR: Improves on multiple listens and definitely catchy and empowering lyrics draws you in. Hyorin wows.

Someday – U-Kiss: The European vibes are phenomenal and U-Kiss have never had quite a vocal workout like this before.

Ugly – 2NE1: The best use of English in a song this year and a song that you can rock out to. Sandara and Minzy are great.





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